5 Months Postpartum  Update Plus 5 Fit Tips for Success

5 Months Postpartum  Update Plus 5 Fit Tips for Success

I can’t believe I had Brody FIVE months ago!! Time really is flying by. So far I am loving every minute of being a mom. I wanted to give an update about my post baby body progress.

As some of you know I started the three-week yoga retreat right after I had Brody, then I went right in 21 day fix extreme. As of May I have started Max out May with my amazing online fitFam and I have to say I am feeling AWESOME and ready for summer. All my clothes fit , yay!!

I am so glad that my core is finally starting to feel STRONG again. It took awhile for me to start to feel comfortable in my lifts ( crossfit )  but as of now they are feeling great. I started crossfit again but only at home, I haven’t made it back to my crossfit gym just yet, I still have to figure out a good schedule with the baby first. So for now I have been doing lots of different workouts on BOD and some at home WODs.

I know I am seeing and feeling these awesome results because my nutrition has been on point.  I can’t stress how important nutrition is. I started a 12 week macro counting plan and that helped a lot but I will not be continuing with counting macros, it just want for me.

I can’t wait to continue to share my post baby fit journey with you all! I hope you follow my journey on instagram , @swell_fitness, Id love to hear from you if you do!! Thank you for reading 🙂

5 Tips for success with losing the baby weight 

  1. Good nutrition is a MUST ! Find a plan and stick to it. If you need help deciding what works best for you please let me know and Id love to help. Start tracking on myfitnesspal and make sure you are eating healthy  FATS, CARBS & PROTEIN  at every meal.
  2. Meal prep. Take time one day a week and prep some meals . I love to prep my dinners and  SNACKS that easy to grab. I know us moms are busy and having food that is ready to grab makes staying healthy & fit so much easier.
  3. Drink WATER.  Make sure you are drinking enough water . Aim for a gallon a day! I know it sounds like a lot but trust me you need it ( especially if you are nursing )
  4. Exercise everyday. Start easy, small walks and maybe some yoga. Walking was my go to, I would put Brody in the stroller and off we would go! I wear a fitbit and I made it my goal to hit my steps at least 5 days a week . Once I was cleared for exercise I jumped right back in. I would workout during Brodys first nap. Sometimes I wanted to nap during that time but I made it a point to get in at least 20 min a day. Plus I was able to nap if I needed it during his afternoon nap ! I did mostly workouts from BOD that were 30 min long, even if Brody was awake I was able to finish.
  5. SLEEP. I know I just told you to workout while baby napped, but make sure you are getting enough sleep. We got very lucky and Brody got on an awesome sleep schedule at a young age. He slept one hour every morning and two in the afternoon plus he was a great sleeper at night so we were not as tired during the day. Sleep is so important to help regulate normal body functions such as digestion . Plus the less tired you are the less stressed you are which in turn is also going to help your body function better .


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