Three Home Workouts To Try This Week

Three Home Workouts To Try This Week

Happy Sunday Moms!!! Here are THREE new workouts you can try this week! Remember I will be posting three new workouts everyday Sunday night so you will always have some fresh workouts for the week! If you have any specific areas you would like me to target comment below!!

Remember if you are not sure what a move is,  GOOGLE it!!!! You will find the correct form! I hope to someday have videos to show you but that’s going to be a lot more work!!! 🙂

Total body Dumbbell Workout:

Repeat this circuit 3-4 times

  • plank hold + DB row – 10 each arm
  • 5 burpee with the push up
  • 15 DB squats
  • 5 broad ( long ) jumps
  • 15 bicep curls
  • 25 mt climbers
  • 15 DB bent chest flys
  • 25 jumping jax

Lower Body Super sets: 

finish each superset before moving onto the next set of moves

  • 20 lunges
  • 10 heavy squats – pick a weight heavier than you used for the lunges


  • 10 single leg glute bridge – each leg
  • 20 glute bridge
  • 10 sit ups

x3 – add weights to make them harder !

  • one minute wall sit
  • 20 squat hops


  • 10 banded squat walk
  • 20 side kicks with band still on – each leg

x2 – place band just above knees- no band? you candy these moves without them- rest a DB in your and on your leg while doing the kick outs.

Upper Body + Core Chipper 

  • 100 bike abs
  • 90 high knees
  • 80 dumbbell or kettlebell swings
  • 70 plank shoulder taps – hold plank then tap opposite shoulder
  • 60 single arm press – 30 an arm
  • 50 dips
  • 40 bent over dumbbell row – 20 per arm
  • 30 push ups
  • 20 hammer curls
  • 10 over head sit ups – hold dumbbell overhead the whole time .


Check  these THREE workouts  from last week you can do right from home! And make sure you follow me on insta for more motivation!




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