Three New Killer Home Workout

Three New Killer Home Workout

Three New Killer Home Workout

Happy Sunday Moms! Here are the Three Home Workouts with videos just for you.  I hope you get to try them, please let me know when you do. All the workouts can be done right from home  .

Glutes & Hammy Burner

Monday I decided to do one of my older leg workouts… I was sore for days! I modified and used dumbbells for a few of the moves and you can too. Those split lunges are KILLER . If you try them let me know how you are feeling after!


Fat Blaster

I plan to repeat this workout post baby when I can really push myself and not take that 10 second rest. If you are not preggo and have been training for a while try taking that 10 second rest out and  move right into each 30 sec move. If you are further along than me or new to training feel free to make that rest period longer then 10 seconds but no longer then 25 .


  • 10 high knees + one burpee
  • thrusters ( squat and press )
  • 8 mt climbers one push up jack
  • 3 in- out squat pulses

Repeat : rest one min

  • plank up down + taps
  • step ups
  • 180 jump squat
  • ball slam – jumping jax if you have no ball


Following along :

Shoulder & Biceps 


More workouts 

Frozen Yogurt Bites 

Stress Free Prego workout plan

Remember , I run a FREE group on Facebook full of moms who are working towards a healthy lifestyle for them and their families . I would love for YOU to be apart of our MomUnity!!!  Find me insta ,  FB or comment below and I can add to you fitfam or we can just connect and chat

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