Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating


Do you stuff your face with junk or over eat without even thinking? Eating has become a thing we do without even noticing it. We eat while watching tv, driving, playing on our phone  and then all of a sudden the whole bag of chips is gone.  We have stopped tasting and enjoying our food. Years of emotional and mindlessly eating could be a cause of your unhealthy lifestyle and the HUGE obesity rate here in the US. But it’s not too late! You can change the way you eat. You just need to start to pay attention.

Pay attention to what ( and when ) you are eating.  When you eat too fast your body doesn’t have time to tell you to STOP you are FULL! Slow down and enjoy your food. Pay attention to the smell, texture, taste, and how you feel during and after you eat. You know when you eat something fried and covered in grease and you feel terrible after ? Keep that in mind when you are ordering/preparing your meals. Its time we start to enjoy our meals again.

Why should we eat mind fully?

Its time to focus on the present and actually realize what is going on in your life.  First you are going to learn to eat when you are actually hungry, instead of when you bored , sad, thirsty ect. You are also going to learn the foods that give you that extra energy boost ( perfect for tired moms! ) You are going to start to feel better , trust me! You might lose some weight, your workouts are going to be better because you are now fueled properly , you are going to feel less tired, bloated, irritable and you will probably sleep better as well.

Things to pay attention too:

  • why are you eating , what emotions are you feeling
  • how fast are you eating, are you shoveling food into your mouth or enjoying it slowly
  • stopping when you are full
  • is it healthy
  • does it fuel my day ( is there a carb, protein & fat )
  • how does it make you feel after ( full, satisfied, bloated, disappointed )
  • where does it come from/ how was it made – grown locally , processed in a warehouse,  fried, baked, organic


How to start:

Begin with your shopping list/ weekly menu. Sit down once a week and plan a small menu. You don’t have to get crazy , start with planing your dinners for the week. Make a list of foods you know are healthy and stick to the list! Skip the isles of the store when possible .

Appreciate your food . Don’t wait till you are starving to eat, you will eat too fast and won’t even taste it. Chew slowly and really enjoy each flavor and smell.

Turn the tv and devices off. Eat with your family when you can and really enjoy each other. If you are alone just enjoy some quite “you” time with no distractions.

Drink lots of water throughout the day. We tend to walk around dehydrated and most people confuse this feeling with hungry so they snack more often on unhealthy foods.

I hope you start to appreciate your body & mind and have an awesome relationship with food. I believe mindful eating is a step in the right directions for everyone. We all need to slow down and turn of the electronics a few times a day.  Once you start paying attention to what is going into your body you might just start making healthier choices and start feeling amazing!


Bonus : 

Quick morning workout to jump-start your day!

Mindful Eating


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