Home Workouts For The Week + 3 Tips To A Healthy You

Home Workouts For The Week + 3 Tips To A Healthy You

Happy Sunday moms! Here are the some of the  workouts I did this week+ 3 tips to a healthy you. I hope you get to try them. Let me know when you do. All the workouts can be done right from home  .  I shared some clips of the moves to help you incase you don’t know some of the moves. But remember you can always google a move if you’re not sure what it is!

HIIT Monday:

Set your timers for 12 – 30 sec  intervals no rest ( if you are further along in your pregnancy or just getting back into workouts post baby add a 5-15 sec rest between each move! )

Do each move for 30 seconds and then go right into he next move with no :rest: repeat 3 times through : REST one Minute and move onto to circuit 2.

Circuit one

  • Squat hop
  • Modified burpee climbers
  • Jump lunge
  • Kbs

One min REST

Circuit two

  • Skaters
  • Pike push up
  • Frog pulse
  • Kb dl hp

Upper Body

  • chest press
  • lat pull over
  • french press


  • up right row
  • shoulder press


  • 8 front+ side raise
  • 5 push up + plank row


I ended my workout with the ropes- did a few different slams , 100 reps each.


Legs & Booty

Video how to

  • 12 band cross over
  • 15 hip thrust


  • 12 single leg deadlift
  • 10 front squat


  • 10 split lunge
  • 10 band hamsting curl


  • 12 goblet squat
  • 10 overhead lunge




3 Tips To A Healthy You

Summer is right around the corner! Are you as excited as me?? With summer coming I know you have HEALTHY ( & bikinis, beaches and BBQ’s) on your mind. Below are THREE healthy tips that you can start TODAY and I promise you will start feeling good !

Tip 1: Cut out the JUNK Go through your kitchen today and throw away that processed food! It is so bad for you. Farmers market season is right around the corner . Stock up on fresh fruits and veggies. Snack on fruits, avocado dips, salsa instead of foods loaded with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Tip 2: Plan ahead Plan your workouts for the week on Sunday, and have your gym clothes ready in the am or your gym bag packed in the car. And while your at it plan a weekly menu. Knowing what your going to eat all weeks makes a huge difference plus makes food shopping much easier. If you are going out to dinner or to a party eat something healthy before you go so you don’t show up starving. Look at a menu before you head to a restaurant and see if there’s something healthy(ish) you can get.

Tip 3: Find support Grab a girl friend, husband, family member or join my mom”unity” Facebook group for support. Knowing you have someone by your side makes transitioning into a healthy lifestyle a bit easier. You don’t have to do this alone

Bonus Tip: Make a margarita using fresca!! Those store bought mixes are BAD news . Cut them out. Make your drinks with flavored soda water, fresh herbs like mint and add some fruit, lemons or limes. You will cut the sugar in half and feel much less bloated the next day.

I hope you  LOVE  my fit tips, recipes & quick workouts . Id love to hear from you! Comment below which workout you love best . Also make sure you follow me on instagram  and use my hashtag #swellfitnessmom


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