Home Workouts To Try This Week

Home Workouts To Try This Week

Home Workouts To Try This Week

This week wasn’t my best week! I had a great workout on Monday but skipped Tuesday and Wednesday because I was lacking motivation. We have all been there right?! I woke up Thursday determined to get a great morning workout in. Well Brody was into everything and I had to cut my 30 min workout to 20 min. But I was feeling good and a did a double that day!!!   Here are some great home workouts to try this week and they are all less than 30 minutes long! No need to spend hours getting your workout in, I find these short intense workouts to be just as effective plus they fit my schedule so much better.

Dirty 30: 

30 min : 12 reps each
Row kickback
Lunge kicks
Pull ups
In out squats
Step up knee raise
Pike push up
Db jax
Kb dl

Total Body:

30 hip thrust

60sec kbs
20 do

90 sec kbs
5 min squat hops
90 sec kbs
20 push up

60 sec kbs
40 shoulder taps

90sec kbs

Leg day workout by Whitney 

Home Workouts To Try This Week

  • 4×5 – 1 3/4th squat


  • 4×8 dl
  • 3×10 close stance pulse squatburnout:
  • 2 sets of 10  sumo box squat taps + 10 box squats


  • 8 wide grip chest press into 8 close grip
  • 8 skullcrushers into 5-8 triceps pushups
  • 21’s ( 7 bottom, 7 top and 7 full range curls)


This is another workout from Whitney 

What do you do on the days when you are lacking motivation to workout?? Id love to know. Comment below or send me a message over on my instagram 

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