My Healthier Morning Coffee

My Healthier Morning Coffee

My Healthier Morning Coffee

Have you tried bullet proof coffee? Its def not for everyone ! I have put a small twist mine . Below is my go to healthier morning coffee that have everyday while doing my miracle morning .  The cashew milk I use only has one ingredient, cashews. The coffee mate I use to use had loads of ingredients, a bunch I couldn’t pronounce!


  • hot black coffee
  • a tiny bit of butter or coconut oil
  • cashew milk

Add all ingredients to a blender. Quickly blend and pour into coffee mug. The end result should be a frothy cup of delicious coffee!

Now that summer is finally here I have also switched up my iced coffee. No more sugar or creamer filled with lots of unhealthy ingredients. I do black coffee, lots of ice and cashew milk.  I always drink mine with my metal straws!

My Healthier Morning Coffee

D you have a favorite coffee recipe? Id love to hear about it below!


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