3 Home Workouts

3 Home Workouts

3 Home Workouts

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! If you are like me and took a few days to enjoy yourself then you are probably ready for some extra home workouts !

Are you joining my free online fitness accountability challenge?? Starting July 8th I’m going to do another 30 day accountability challenge for us! Right after the 4th were we all tend to fall off track! I’ll do some give aways again and this time  I’m thinking a target GC, some bands that I love that I use for leg day and maybe a fun “recovery box ” full of some things we need to help recover from our workouts!!!  If you want in on this group comment below , email or reach out on instagram! 


  • 15 goblet squats
  • 15 single leg deadlift each leg
  • 15 side lunge each leg
  • 15 star jumps
  • 15 pulse squats


HIIT Cardio

60 seconds on: 15 seconds rest: x3

  • burpee with push up
  • skaters
  • box jumps
  • plank shoulder taps
  • step up with knee raise

Upper Body

  • 15 curl & press
  • plank row 15 each arm
  • dips
  • side + front raise 15 each
  • 15 push up + plank jack



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