Start A Healthy Pregnancy Routine

Start A Healthy Pregnancy Routine

Start A Healthy Pregnancy Routine

Having a healthy pregnancy routine is a must if you want to have a joyful pregnancy and birth. A healthy routine includes more than just eating right and exercising daily ! Below I will share my healthy habits, steps on how you can add them into your life and lastly how to commit to your new habits for life .

Start A Healthy Pregnancy Routine

First we need to pick some healthy habits to add to your routine. There are lots of things you can  try , you will need to find what works for you. These habits are what work for me.


Starting your day with a positive mindset and a short meditation is an awesome way to relieve stress and we all want a stress free pregnancy. You can meditate throughout your day too if you are feeling tense . Start by taking 5 minutes every morning for you. Read some positive quotes, check out your vision board, list some things you are grateful for, do some light stretching  or visualize your perfect day.

We all know how import exercise is for our growing bodies. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in a gym. There are plenty of non gym activities you can start adding to your routine. Try going out for a morning or post dinner walk to start.

Meal planing is just as important as exercise. We want to fuel our bodies and growing baby properly. Check out these superfoods you can add to your diet. Taking some time once a week to meal plan and prep some easy recipes/snacks will help make your life so much easier.

It’s also important you listen to your body everyday and take some time for you.  Relax with a big glass of water and a book. Even if it’s just enough time to read one chapter . You time is important when it comes to a healthy pregnancy.


Next its time to take action with those healthy habits from above. Start slow if you need too. Maybe each week add a new habit. I think stating your day with a morning routine is the most important but feel free to do things differently than me. Each day you can build on your habits. Maybe days 1-3 you walk for 10 minutes , then by day four you jump to 15 minutes. It takes time to build a routine so don’t give up when things get tough!

Make a planner so you can mark off things that you have completed. Write the different habits with different colors on a calendar and check off each day that you complete your new healthy habit.


Now its time to commit. Commit to what you can do each day to help make your pregnancy healthy . Please don’t stress out if you miss a new habit every once in a while, that’s okay, we are human !! This is your plan so make it around your life & goals so that way you will stick to it.

I hope these tips and habit help you to have a healthy joyful pregnancy! Id love to hear some of your healthy routines . Get the convo started below .




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