Summer Car Kit

Summer Car Kit

Summer Car Kit

Summer is in full swing and you need this summer car kit to make your life easier ! We like to spend our days at the beach and nothing is worse than being out and deciding its time to hit the beach but realizing you forgot something! That Is why I always keep a beach bag all packed in my car. My bag is perfect for the beach whether we go during the day or at night for dinner. Also remember to pack things for you too!

Id love to hear what you keep in your car. Get the convo started below .

My go to Summer Car Kit :

  • sunscreen
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • extra bathing suit
  • extra set of clothes
  • pjs
  • hat
  • shoes
  • sippy cup
  •  beach toys
  • bug spay
  • towels
  • snacks that can stand the heat
  • bug spray
  • clothes for YOU!
  • a few bottles of water or Gatorade
  • we also keep a life jacket for Brody incase we decide to go for a last min boat ride.

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