Second Baby To Do List

Second Baby To Do List

Second Baby To Do List


Now that I’m 32 weeks pregnant and Brody came early I should probably get stuff ready! Before Brody I had plans to make some freezer meals but I never got around to it. Making some meals is definitely on my to do list this time around. Id love hear from you, what I am forgetting?! Comment below with some ideas for me, I appreciate it.

Second Baby To Do List: 

  • finish her room. I still need to paint
  • wash things that have been stored. Clothes, blankets, swing cover ect
  • get size one diapers. Its been awhile since I bought small diapers!
  • clean carseat + install base ( we didn’t have it in the car with Brody because he came early! )
  • set up a plan for Brody while we are gone. I am hoping someone will come stay at our house with Brody & the dogs
  • freezer meals
  • pack a bag for me and Shane
  • set up crib ( after I paint )  and pack and play. We used the pack and play a lot with Brody, it has a seat and a changing table on top.
  • make sure I have enough dog food
  • supplies for the house. I want to make sure I have enough coffee, dish soap, tooth paste , shampoo paper towels ect. I know those things are easy to buy on amazon but its nice to have a stock pile. Plus people will be stopping by and it’s always nice to have extra coffee to offer
  • baby proof for when I am nursing. I need to make sure Brody can’t get into anything while I feed the new baby.
  • pick up some of my favorite red wine

Things I have done already

  • stroller set up. I have the uppa baby vista and I already have a rumble seat that come with one set of attachments. I just need to get a second set which isn’t totally necessary but does add extra room.

Ha! I haven’t done a lot ! Id love to know how you prepared for baby. Comment below and get the convo started.

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