Become A Morning Person

Become A Morning Person

Become A Morning Person

Are you trying to become a morning person ? Maybe you are looking to take control of your day by taking control of your morning. That was my plan when I started googling  reasons to become a morning person. Being a SAHM has made it difficult for me to get up before my son. Instead I was waking to the sound of my son yelling for me ( sound familiar ?) . It wasn’t till I read the miracle morning that I realized I needed to take control of my mornings.

I was doing so well with my morning routine ..until summer hit and trouble sleeping happened due to this growing belly! But its time for me to get back to my morning routine and I’m super excited to get started and share with you how I plan to do it!

There are tons of benefits of waking up early. Research shows that people who wake up early are happier and healthier, that should be reason enough to get up !! Waking up early can lead to a more productive and stress free day. Mornings can be the BEST time of your day . Take the challenge with me and become a morning person!!!

Become A Morning Person

  • Go to bed earlier Duh! But the best way to wake up early is to go to bed early ( and ready for the next day ) Give yourself a bed time and stick to it! If you have to set an alarm in your phone to go off every night to remind you to get ready for bed.
  • Put your phone down before bed & establish a routine ( and don’t start scrolling as soon as you wake )
  • Set your alarm for the same time everyday. Make it your schedule & turn it into a habit. We thrive on schedules. STOP hitting that snooze button , it is not helping you at all, instead its making you grumpy that the alarm keeps going off so now you are starting your day grumpy… no one needs that.
  • Set your coffee maker . I set my coffee maker to go off every morning at the same time. It’s about 30 minutes before my son normally wakes up . The smell of the coffee is enough for me to get up! Plus theres nothing better then enjoying some hot coffee alone 
  • Wash your face right away. Even if you just splash some water on, it will wake you right up
  • Start your day with a GIANT glass of water ( before coffee )
  • Make stretching part or your am routine. If you are like me and cannot workout first thing in the morning try doing some light stretching 
  • Try doing A miracle morning  .

Remember , waking up early is hard at first but it WILL get easier when it starts to become a habit you love. It won’t take long to so just keeping going!! Id love to hear from you , what has worked to help you become a morning person??

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