The Living Room Workout

The Living Room Workout

The Living Room Workout

Sometimes us busy moms just don’t have time for a long workout. There are days when I want to do something quick right in my living using just my body weight. This little workout is perfect to do first thing in the am to help give you some extra energy throughout the day. Sometimes a quick effective workout is all I need to feel good & energized! Below is a quick living room workout you can do when you just don’t feel like working out .

The Living Room Workout


25 jumping jax

20 squats

15 mt climbers ( each leg )

10 push ups

5 burpees

10 sumo squat hops

15 lunges ( each leg )

20 plank jax

25 high knees ( each leg )

20 squats

15 sit ups

10 leg lowers

5 v -ups

Repeat 3 times!

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