Finish Your Year Strong

 Finish Your Year Strong With These Four Tips

December is almost here, which means we have a new month with new goals and opportunities ! Its time to start living our best life yet.  In order to change our lives for the better we  have to make some changes or improvements on what we are currently doing  and take a good look at our priorities. The good thing is that we can always change our lives for the better at any time ! Why wait for a New Year to make a change?? Right now seems like the perfect time to me!

 Finish Your Year Strong With These Four Tips

  •  Take a good look at your life. How is 2018 going so far? Is there anything that you know that you could be doing better? What are you doing well? Is there a  goal you set this year that you have not hit? What are you proud of this year?  If we do not take accurate stock of where we are and do not have an accurate depiction of where we are headed then we cannot expect to make meaningful progress.  I suggest doing a little writing on the questions above,  if you are not where you want to be its OKAY!  Self pity never leads anyone to happiness or fulfillment. Just write honestly with no  judgement. Trust me afterward you are going to feel much better.
  • Take  action NOW. Grab your writing from above. Anything you are not happy  about from your list should be looked at as an opportunity to grow, learn and change. Make a plan for the goals you have not hit and schedule it out in your week. ( Better yet, grab a copy of the 12 week year and get into action right away!! ) Make sure that you are doing something every single day to move yourself toward your goals. If you want to get started on your health and fitness but have just not followed through hit me up NOW, I am here for YOU!
  • Set some SCARY goals ! Again reading the 12 week year will really motivate you here. Make a plan for each goal. If you want to get healthy- plan your workouts for each week. Plan the days you food shop so you always have healthy food at home. Make sure you can do something daily to keep you moving in the right direction and connected to your goals. Think BIG and think about what you really want.  You have to write down your goals &  you have tell someone about them so  you are  held accountable!!!  Make sure you have an end date to your goals so you are forced to stay on track and moving forward. ( ex: fit into that dress by New years , or pay off debt by summer 2019 )
  • Find an accountability partner/group. This is someone or a group of people who want to be successful in their own lives. This could be someone who has similar fitness goals and is there to help push you to your max.   You both can set goals and help each other reach them. You can have more then one success partner , just make sure they are helping you reach your goals, not letting you come up with excuses!
How do you plan on finishing your year? Id love to know , get the convo started below!

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