New Year, Same Me!

New Year

The New Year is here! I am not one for making New Year resolutions but I do make goals every year, month and week. This year I have some new goals that I am excited to share with you.

My goal this year is to transform this very blog you are reading! I would love to help more moms through my social media accounts. I want to share valuable content, workouts tips, videos, recipes and so much more . Id love my social media accounts to be the place you come to with your questions!! Looking for a booty workout? Check out my instagram. Looking for help with nutrition ? Come to me with questions! Looking for busy healthy mom tips? Come to my blog! I want to start sharing more about our healthy lifestyle not just recipes and workouts. I hope to share whats working ( or not working ) for us, product we love, workouts , food we love , tips for busy moms ect. Basically Ill be blogging about our busy life with two little kids and how I mange to stay healthy and active. I hope you all love my new posts !

New Year Goals:

Blog goals:

  • post at least 4 times a months
  • share products we love that other moms will love too
  • workouts I’m loving ( that work )
  • life updates
  • recipes my 2 year old loves

Personal goals:

  • count macros : I plan to do a whole post about this!
  • get back to crossfit
  • get outside this winter
  • use my bullet journal
  • miracle morning again
  • share more helpful info on instagram ( videos, recipes, macros ect )

I am excited for 2019 . Id love to hear what some of your goals are for the year. Do you have health & fitness goals? Life goals? Money goals? Id love to know !! Get the convo started below , sharing your goals with us can help you reach them faster!!

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