Postpartum Fitness Plan

My Postpartum Fitness Plan

Its been just about three months since I  had Remi , crazy how fast time flys by. I was cleared by my doctor at 5 weeks and was so ready to start working out again. At first I took things slow , using light weights and lots of rest.    I’m so happy to share my postpartum fitness plan with you , I hope you will follow along with me! Reaching goals is always more fun when you have others working with you.

My Postpartum Fitness Plan

  • Workouts: Now that I am 3 months pp I am working out just as hard as I was before ( just  with lighter weights till I build my strength back ) At first I did take it slow, modifying when needed and dropping weight size when it felt like too much. I know it’s not smart to  jump right back in to the weights I did before I was pregnant.
  • My plan : I  started with a new beachbody program ( liift 4 ) that has weight lifting and hiit cardio. The plan is only 4 days a week,  so I felt like it was the perfect program to help me get back on track.  By the end of the 6th week I started adding in more of my own workouts and was ready for something new. Now I am doing a few different workouts on BOD, a few from my local cross fit  gym, making up my own and doing lots of booty workouts I find on instagram
  • Nutrition: I am very loosely counting macros using my fitness pal ap. I have counted macros before and have numbers I know I need to hit to see results. I’m tracking my food and aiming for my numbers but I’m not going crazy! If I go over my numbers its okay, Im nursing and some days I def need more food ! When I counted macros before my  ” coach ” started me with some super low numbers that I did not like. I did a 12 week program after have Brody and he had me cut fat for the first 4 weeks.
  • My Macros: This time around I started with my numbers from week 6 of my old program . I am aiming for 115 grams of protein, 50 grams of fat and 240 grams of carbs. The hardest number for me to hit is my carbs! Again I’m not getting too crazy with ” hitting my numbers” . I am just using them as a guideline to help keep me feeling good and on track.
  • Life: Life with two kids is definitely different ! Some days I have all the time in the world and can get in an awesome workout, other days I can’t even fit in washing my face!! And that’s okay. I know I don’t need to workout every day , its okay to miss days and I know I shouldn’t feel bad about that.  Eventually I can get back to working out 5-6 times a week, whether it’s in a few months or a year. I still don’t have Remi on a sleep schedule during the day ( I’m working on it! ) so my workouts are at different times each day which screws up my eating.  Some days I intermittent fast by accident and end up eating my first meal sometime after noon and half my macros after dinner! My goal is to spread my meals out better throughout he day.





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