Mess Free Toddler Snack

Mess Free Toddler Snack / Product Review 

Mess Free Toddler Snack


Every time I give Brody one of these pouches some asks me about them, so I figured I would share a little bit about how much we love them! Brody LOVES yogurt but I got so sick of cleaning it off of everything ( because he has to walk around and eat it! ) that I stopped buying it for him. Then I remembered about my food pouches! This mess free toddler snack is more like a mom hack . My new go to snack that Brody loves is these baby brezza pouches filled with yogurt.

When I meal prep I usually fill up about 4 or 5 of these pouches and leave them in the fridge.  Brody is two years old and he’s ALWAYS hungry . Instead of filling up on pirate booty he is now opening the fridge and pulling these out! He doesn’t get yogurt everywhere any more and I love that I can fill it with the yogurt of my choice. He has also been waking up at 5 am lately saying he’s hungry and I am totally fine with giving him a pouch in his crib, he has some yogurt and usually goes back to sleep for another hour.

I also like to use these for Remi, they are perfect for when we go out to eat or are out for the day. I don’t always make my own baby food, instead before we head out for dinner I will fill a pouch with store-bought baby food from a jar for her to have if she starts getting fussy at the restaurant . Its much easier to grab a pouch and she will suck the food straight from it, so we don’t need to have a spoon either.

My Review:

First off this is not sponsored , I paid for these! I got them on amazon for 10$ and the pack comes with 10 pouches & caps plus the thingy used to fill them .

  • Price: 10$ for 10! totally worth it.
  • Size: I find them to be bigger then the store-bought food pouches and those things are expensive so you get way more when you use these.
  • Use: Super easy to fill . Sometimes depending on whats in them Brody needs help pushing the food up from the bottom but normally he has no problem eating out of them ( my four-month old sucks food out of them fine too! ) The seal part seals tight, we have never had anything leak from them.
  • Cleaning: Easy to clean, they open nice and wide so they are very easy to clean. Also they are dish washer safe !

Mess Free Toddler Snack

Do you use your own food pouches? Id love to know what you fill yours with. I will be using these pouches a lot for Remi now that she is eating foods so drop your favorite recipes below.

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