Baby Food Hack + Money Saver

Baby Food Hack + Money Saver


If you are anything like me then you hate throwing away/ wasting food!  This baby food hack is a no brainer. Remi rarely finishes her baby food jars and I hated throwing it out so I decided to freeze it  and turn it into teethers for her. I mainly freeze her yogurt and fruit purees but I’m sure other purees would freeze great too.

You will need some baby food feeders ( mine came from amazon I can’t remember the brand ) and a pop mold. I have the Nuby mold, it was 8$ on amazon and I use it all the time!

All you have to do is freeze your left over yogurt & fruit in the molds . Once frozen break the frozen food off the mold and add it to the baby feeder. It’s that easy!  Remi can use theses feeders by herself ( with me watching ) so they are the perfect thing to distract her while the rest of us eat. Just be warned baby will get messy!!!! I like to use the pop molds because sometimes Brody wants one too and he eats them just like a popsicle.


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