Barnyard Sensory Play

Barnyard Sensory Play

Barnyard Sensory Play

This Barnyard Sensory play bin was so much fun! I set this up while Brody was out , and when he got home he was so excited to start playing. We have been loving sensory play recently and who doesn’t love a barnyard theme?!

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Barnyard Sensory play how to:

what you need

  • tray
  • green colored rice 
  • mud – cornstarch, water, coco powder
  • Tupperware or bowls for “grass” & “mud”
  • farm animals
  • a tractor 
  • towels 
  • wash bucket to clean the animals to extend play

To make the grass add some rice and green paint ( I use Brodys paint ) to a plastic bag. Shake/mix it all till the rice is covered then let it dry .

To make the mud add a cup of cornstarch and a few tsp of coco powder  to a bowl , slowly add water and mix till you get the consistency of mud. This will get hardish but still wet and thick once you stop moving it. 

Next add your grass, mud and farm animals/ tractors to your tray and let the fun begin!    

To extend the play even longer add a bin of soapy water to wash the animals . Brody played for over and hour, he had a blast! 


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