Open Ended Toys For Toddlers

Open Ended Toys For Toddlers

Open Ended Toys

We are new to the open ended toy scene , but we love it! If you are not sure what open ended toys are,  they are toys that can be played with in many different ways.  Open ended toys can be anything your kids dream up! How cool is that? Endless possibilities that grow with your child.  This type of play is critical for their development and creativity.

There are plenty of benefits to open ended play including helping kids create and problem solve, helps build cognitive development , can help with social skills and in the long run are more cost efficient for you!  Open ended play will become more complex and creative as your kids grow.

Open Ended Toys:

  • blocks
  • legos
  • cardboard boxes
  • balance rock blocks
  • play silks

Some examples of the open ended toys we have are our building blocks. These blocks become something new each time they get picked up. Brody loves to pretend they are instruments , cake, a cell phone, a car jack… the list goes on! He is almost three years old and he just started to use the blocks to build . He makes roads, garages, barns you name it!  I love sitting back and watching him play and use his imagination.  Figure out the best place to store them is a must as well. If you keep them thrown in a box not out in the open they won’t get played with & your out a lot of money! We keep ours on a book shelf and they are organized by shape & size. This way they get seen everyday and they are easy to grab when its time to play.

To learn more about how important block play is and how to get your kids to start playing with them go check out this blog post, Lizzie is my new favorite blog to follow!   Make sure follow me on instagram , I share all about our toys and how we play everyday .







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