Sensory Rice Play

Sensory Rice Play

Sensory Rice Play

Sensory Rice Play

If you are on instagram ( hope you follow me! ) and follow any of the #sensoryplay ideas then you have seen rainbow rice ( or any rice play ) This is an activity that you and your kids should definitely try! While playing with rice your kids are really learning A LOT . How cool is that? They will be developing their fine motor skills, learning colors, learning how to dump, pour, fill and scoop. I love play that is child led, and rice play is a perfect example of child led playing.

Sensory play is awesome for our kids. It allows them to use all their senses while playing.  This type of play is not structured play so it allows them to be creative & use their imagination . Its awesome for self esteem , there really is no right or wrong . One last thing about sensory  play is it helps with language development, next time your kids play just listen to the words they are using.

Rainbow rice or any colored rice is super simple to make. I bought my white rice & food coloring from the dollar store . Most people use paint , my first batch was made with food coloring but I will be making it with paint next time  to compare. Any white rice works.

How to make:

Add uncooked white rice to a zip lock bag, next add your color. Seal the bag and shake! Let the rice dry & then you are ready to PLAY!

How to play:

We use rice a lot in our ikea sensory table    I like to add cups, scoops, spoons , funnels, trucks.. I also like to remind  Brody that the rice needs to stay in the table, he does a very good job at not making a mess. If your kids are messy def try rice play outside! If you dont have a sensory table please dont worry. All you need is some bins or tupaware . Try using some smaller bins inside of bigger ones to help with the mess. Just add your rice  cups and scoops to a bin and watch your kids play.

Clean up:

We just dump our rice into a plastic bag or mason jar when we are done playing. If your rice stays dry it will last a very long time.

Are you going to try rice play?? Id love to hear how it goes! comment below or head over to my insta and comment on my latest post!

Open Ended Toys For Toddlers

Open Ended Toys

Open Ended Toys For Toddlers

Open Ended Toys

We are new to the open ended toy scene , but we love it! If you are not sure what open ended toys are,  they are toys that can be played with in many different ways.  Open ended toys can be anything your kids dream up! How cool is that? Endless possibilities that grow with your child.  This type of play is critical for their development and creativity.

There are plenty of benefits to open ended play including helping kids create and problem solve, helps build cognitive development , can help with social skills and in the long run are more cost efficient for you!  Open ended play will become more complex and creative as your kids grow.

Open Ended Toys:

  • blocks
  • legos
  • cardboard boxes
  • balance rock blocks
  • play silks

Some examples of the open ended toys we have are our building blocks. These blocks become something new each time they get picked up. Brody loves to pretend they are instruments , cake, a cell phone, a car jack… the list goes on! He is almost three years old and he just started to use the blocks to build . He makes roads, garages, barns you name it!  I love sitting back and watching him play and use his imagination.  Figure out the best place to store them is a must as well. If you keep them thrown in a box not out in the open they won’t get played with & your out a lot of money! We keep ours on a book shelf and they are organized by shape & size. This way they get seen everyday and they are easy to grab when its time to play.

To learn more about how important block play is and how to get your kids to start playing with them go check out this blog post, Lizzie is my new favorite blog to follow!   Make sure follow me on instagram , I share all about our toys and how we play everyday .







22 Sensory Play Ideas For Toddler

Sensory Play Ideas

22 Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers 

If you follow me on instagram then you know we love sensory play! Below are 22 awesome sensory play ideas that are pretty easy to do. I get a lot of our stuff at the dollar store , there’s no need to spend tons of money! All you need for a sensory bin  is some type of bin to put your activities in, then add your choice of toys.  Comment below if you have any questions and don’t forget to let me know what your fav sensory play is! Shop our toys here ! 

22 Sensory Play Ideas


Treasure hunt

Play dough

Bean Bin

Sandbox Wild Animal Kingdom

Truck wash

Mud Pit Farm

Paint on miror

Flower water table

Dinousour Wash

Water Table with Color

Colored Rice


Water Play with water despensor

Digger Sand & water play

Soap Foam

Shredded Paper with Trucks

Frog Pond

Animal & shredded paper

Paint with Chalk

Paint without brushes


Digger Kinetic Sand

Indoor Cunstruction Site

Dinos & Diggers

Muddy Farm Bin

Bonus for littler ones:

water play!


Construction Sensory Bin

sensory bin

Construction Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin

Brody is super into trucks, dirt and digging and I love a good DIY project, so this sensory bin  was a must make!  Are you not sure what a sensory bin is? They are little boxes/bins full of unique materials to help kids learn about the world around them. These boxes let kids explore all different things with their senses. Think wet, dirty, cotton, rocks, animals .. you name it!  A sensory box could be a great idea for your wild child who has trouble focusing or sitting still. Try this one out if your little one loves sand and trucks!

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Construction Sensory Bin:

Sensory Bin

What you need:

  • a box
  • play sand
  • rocks/beads
  • toy trucks
  • Tupperware for a pool
  • animals * optional

Add your sand ( we used about 25 lbs ) rocks/beads and pool. Next grab some trucks and let your little one lead the way! After a while playing we added the dinosaurs which made him play even longer!


We also made a small bin for inside that is made from beans! I added some animals , a funnel, a spoon and a little scooper. I was so surprised at how much Brody loves this one! I like to take this bin out while I’m making meals.

sensory bin

I’ d love to hear what your little ones favorite sensory box is. Drop your fav below !