April Monthly Round Up

April Monthly Round Up

April Monthly Round Up

April Monthly Round Up


April was a busy month! We finally announced that we are having baby number TWO! I am so excited to share this pregnancy with you all! I hope you find my workouts, recipes and fit tips helpful . My April Monthly Round Up is here and I’m excited to share it with you.

Bump & Brody: 

We had a  check up at 13 weeks , we heard the  heart beat and everything was great. I can’t wait for next month when we have another ultra sound. We are going to hopefully find out the gender at that appointment.

My workouts are going so much better this month, finally ! I have learned that I HAVE to do my workout before lunch time or they won’t get done. When I wait too long  my workouts end up being terrible. I lack motivation in the afternoon, even half way through the workouts I want to stop. I have been doing 3-5 workouts a week and lots of talking now that the weather is nice.

As for my nutrition, it  is back on track and I feel so much better. The first two months were a struggle! All I wanted was carbs , bread, cereal, snacks… nothing nutritious and I was feeling terrible because of it. We bought an insta pot and that has helped a ton with meal prep and making healthy recipes . Always having something healthy to grab makes life so much easier.

Brody had his 15 month check up. I can’t believe he is only 21 lbs! Who else has a little baby ?? Lucky for Brody is loving lots of different foods and he is not too picky. Going out to dinner with him is hit or miss. We have to go right at 5 and we have about an hour before he’s over it!!

Life & Products:


This month I have started using some new hair products and curling my hair a little different. I started using deva curl and doing the scrunch method while washing and applying gel. I googled it , saw some youtube vids and got started right away. I have to saw my hair has been curling better! Not sure if it’s the deva curl that’s helping or the scrunch method

I bought a diffuser and some essential oils and I have been loving them both! I mad some DIY face scrubs , lotions and cleaners ( will share soon!) I also love using my diffuser in the morning when doing my miracle morning .


I read Miracle Morning for parents and families . I highly recommend this book and the other Miracle Morning books. I know get up before Brody and do a miracle morning S.A.V.E.R.S . Each morning I start the day with Silence/meditation then move on to Affirmations & Visualizations. I affirm my greatness and visualize my day/month.year/dream life! After that I go out-of-order and do some Reading and Scribing . I save my Exercise for later in the day. I highly recommend reading the book and doing a 30 day challenge! If you commit to doing a miracle morning please let me know!!! Id love to chat more about it with you.

I finally made some of my own safe products ! I will be sharing all the things I made next week, so make sure you check out that post. I made a safe all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, face scrub and body scrub. I can’t wait for you to try out the recipes I used . I love that I get to make my house a bit safer by ditching all those chemicals and dyes.

I bought some new re usable pouches for Brody and metal straws for us! We are trying to cut down on plastic & waste. I love these pouches for yogurt. Brody doesn’t like me spoon-feeding him so it’s always hard for me to get yogurt into him. These bags are super easy to fill and very easy to clean.

I FINALLY got new sneakers! I have been wearing the same nike shoes for over two years now . They were so worn out . It took me forever to find a pair that I love. We went to some stores so I could try them on and then I ended up buying them online for cheaper!! I am loving these metcon flyknits from nike. I picked a super girly color which is totally different from my normal black!!


Remember , I run a FREE group on Facebook full of moms who are working towards a healthy lifestyle for them and their families . I would love for YOU to be apart of our MomUnity!!!  Find me insta ,  FB or comment below and I can add to you fitfam or we can just connect and chat








Post Baby Exercise Plan

Post Baby Exercise Plan

Post Baby Exercise Plan


I get a lot of questions from expecting moms and moms with newborns about how to get into a post baby fitness routine. So I thought I would tell you how I did it after having Brody!

Start slowly . Starting a post baby exercise plan after having a baby can be overwhelming . Start by going for daily walks and stretching. You might be feeling sore from holding the baby all the time, we tend to have awkward posture while feeding/nursing , bouncing or wearing a baby. Walking is a great way to start, getting the blood flowing is going to make a huge difference. Plus getting out in some fresh air is always a good idea. And don’t forget to stretch after. Try adding in some light yoga or stretches for you back, shoulders, neck and arms. You can always go to youtube and find some yoga or stretching videos to help you!

For me I have beachbody on-demand ( BOD ) and there are TONS or stretching and yoga videos on there. I followed the 3 week yoga retreat before starting my first workout routine. If you have any questions about BOD please let me know!

When you are cleared to work out I suggest looking into some diastasis recti rehab moves you can add in. A lot of women get ab separation and you need to fix this before you start working out or you are always going to have the ” mom pouch”  Sit ups and crunches are not the way to start! If you want to read more about ab separation and how to fix it click here 

Once you are ready you MUST find a plan that works best for you. There are tons of free workouts online/pinterest/youtube/my workouts ect. If this is how you plan to start, that’s great but you need a plan! Once a week find the workouts you are going to do and write them out. Make a weekly to monthly calendar if you can and check off the days when you are done. You can start with 2-3 days a week and slowly build back up. If you need help picking out workouts to do feel free to ask me. Remember every Sunday I post 3-4 new workouts for you to try.

If you have a streaming program ( like me with BOD ) pick you plan. After the yoga retreat I jumped right into 21 day fix from BOD. This was great because it was 21 days of 30 min workouts I did during Brody’s first nap of the day. It made working out a bit easier because I had a program to follow. Again there are TONS online , even free one, so do a little research and pick your plan. I stream mine right from my tv so I used to turn it on right when I woke up . Sometimes it sat on my tv for a few hrs before I hit play but constantly seeing it reminded me to do it!

One big thing that helped me when Brody was super little was to workout during his first nap. When I woke up I put my workout clothes on and the second he fell asleep in the am I got it done. I knew I would feel energized after & it would help me get through the day.  If I skipped my morning workout thinking I would do it later , it didn’t happen! By the time the afternoon came around I was usually too tired to do it. I liked to get it done early and if I needed a nap I could do it during one of his afternoon naps. Babies sleep a lot so you will still have time to rest!

Pick workouts that are quick but effective. Doing an hour-long workout just isn’t going to work right away! 30 minutes is a perfect time frame . There were times when Brody was awake for my workouts but I could entertain him in his swing or play mat for 30 minutes .

My last tip is don’t be too hard on yourself ! If you miss a day or your workout didn’t go as planned its OKAY! Babies can be unpredictable , do everything you can to make things easier for you ( workout ready, clothes ready, bottles ready ) but know if you miss a workout life goes on and there’s always tomorrow !


Check out these workouts you can do right from home! And make sure to add in this squat challenge ASAP!




7 Prenatal Fit Tips ( 1st Trimester ) 

7 prenatal fit tips ( its trimester ) 

7 Prenatal Fit Tips ( 1st Trimester ) 

Congratulations! You just found out you’re having a baby and I’m sure  you are thinking  “ can I still workout?” First make sure to check with your doctor, ever pregnancy is different and we all want to be safe. Today I am sharing with you what workouts  I did  during my 1st trimester while pregnant with Brody and now with baby number two plus 7 prenatal fit tips ( its trimester )

My doctor told me I was free to continue what I was doing before I got pregnant just to make sure I didn’t push myself so I was out of breath.

With Brody I did lots of walking , 30 minute workouts ( 21 DF & 21 DFE) and crossfit. I modified most of the jumping because my boobs hurt to jump 🙂

Now that I am pregnant with baby number two I am doing only workouts from home & walking ( plus chasing Brody around) . I am still doing some BB workouts like 80 Day Obsession and 21 DF but I am also adding in my own circuits that I share every Sunday.

7 Prenatal Fit Tips: 

Find a sports bra and shoes that you love & are supportive

Walking counts as a workout! ( bring water with you )

Dress in layers so you don’t over heat. And make sure the room you workout   in is not too hot

Drink LOTS of water especially if you are sweating while working out

Eat enough to support your workouts, have a protein packed meal after your workout. I don’t recommend doing a fasted workout.

Stand up slowly after doing moves on the ground , you might get dizzy

Always listen to your body and modify/stop when needed

Workouts I have been doing with baby number two:

Workouts from week 12

Four workouts from week 11

Three workouts from week 9



Chocolate Almond Banana Bites

Chocolate Almond Banana Bites

Perfect energy bites for picky eaters and moms on the go! These taste great and only take about 5 minute to make ! My son loves them and would eat them all at once if I let him! I added in peanut butter and cocoa powder but you can leave those out and just have banana almond bites. Next time I was thinking off adding some honey!


ingredients : 

  • one banana
  • 1.5 cups of almond flour
  • 1 tbs peanut butter  * optional
  • 1 tbs cocoa powder

blend or mix all ingredients . Refrigerate 10 min then roll into balls. If mixture is too sticky add some more almond flour till you can roll it into balls. Store in refrigerator for 2-3 days


How To Be A Healthy (ish) Fit Mom

How To Workout With Your Toddler

How To Be A Healthy (ish) Fit Mom 

Life can get busy! Between being a mom, work, friends & housework it can be tough to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle .  What I have learned so far is if I want to be a healthy happy fit mom I need to put  myself first sometimes . Being constantly stressed, unhealthy & unhappy isn’t good for anyone !

Each day is a new day! Forget about yesterday and what did or didn’t happen . So what if you missed your workout or ate some pizza! Don’t stress out about it, just keep moving forward. Consistency is the key to forming & sticking to healthy habits , but never beat yourself up if you fall off track.

Here are a few things that have worked for my little family & have helped keep me healthy and happy ( and sane!)  while raising our son.

  • Create time for YOU. And not just for your workouts . I have been trying to wake up broke Brody each morning to do a miracle morning ( more on that soon) After Brody goes to bed I like to take time for me , no house work, just stress free time. I tend to jump onto pinterest and find some new recipes or workouts or add things to my mood/vision boards!   Or I like to take a hot shower/bath with some lavender & epsom salt or relax with a glass of wine! Me time is a must.
  • Meal prep + eat clean: Plan a small menu every Sunday for the week & make a shopping list. Look for fresh produce , lean meats and try not to buy processed foods. I try my hardest to skip the isles at the grocery store and just shop the edges for most of our foods.  Make sure the foods you eat don’t have lots of added sugar, always check the label. I try to buy foods that have a very short list of ingredients . Meal prep foods that are easy to grab on the go. We moms forget to eat, especially in the beginning and having healthy snacks ready to eat makes life so much easier! We also will freeze single servings of food that are easy to heat up last min. Brody always comes shopping with me so I usually go in the morning when he is the happiest! Never take your child if he is already grumpy!!
  • Have an exercise plan. Schedule your workout like it is an important meeting! Getting a workout in daily helps relieve stress and releases those happy hormones inside you making you feel amazing all day long! When Brody was a new baby I would workout during his first nap which was in the morning . At least 5 days a week. That was the plan and I stuck to it! I knew what workout I was doing the night before and was ready as soon as he fell asleep. Now I can workout when he is awake if I set up his play area right. I still try to workout in the morning so I can get it out-of-the-way! Again make sure he is happy, don’t try to workout out right before feeding time or when he is tired, a whinny baby is no fun!
  • Involve the whole family. We like to go for walks as a family , my husband will push the stroller and I’ll take the dogs! Now that Brody is one he likes to do some of the workouts with me, he loves squat and is always getting into down dog!!! I also got him some super light weights and a resistance band that he likes to play with. With those things plus a snack I can easily get an hour workout done without him getting bored. As for housework? I  always wore Brody while cleaning and while I cooked!
  • Gym with a day care. This is a must if you are a gym goer! Again plan your day the night before , know what time you are going ( give or take an hour!) and GO.  Have your bag plus the diaper bag ready. Pushing your workout back for later in the day is a big mistake! By the time 3 o’clock comes around you are too tired to even think about driving to the gym!
  • Inner motivation + a positive mindset. Find a positive podcast to play when you wake up. I used to wake up and put the news on and it was always full of bad news. Now I listen to all sorts or positive podcast or YouTube videos. This helps me stay motivated plus keep a positive attitude most days. A change in your mindset can make a huge difference in your life!! I also like to finish my day by reading some personal development books.  On YouTube I love Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Habits of the wealthy just to name a few. For books I love Gabby Bernstein , The secret, The miracle morning (just started doing this again) and The energy Bus. If you follow any you think I should or have a favorite PD book Id love to learn more, comment below!! I also follow lots of people on instagram that help motivate me. I know it sounds crazy but I do not get jealous of other moms who have crazy six-pack or look like they are living a dream life, it motivates me to be an awesome mom & wife !!! Plus its a great place to  learn some new recipes and workouts.



Making The Clean Swap In My Home

Making The Clean Swap In My Home


I have decided to swap out A LOT of things in my house for cleaner healthier options, and I’m not just talking about food! I made a post on my Facebook and instagram about how I am ready to buy safer products for my family, and my FB post exploded!!! I want to do it all, cleaning products , make ups, lotions, nail polish, baby products … you name it!

I am overwhelmed with all the info! People gave me so many different companies and products,  I wasn’t even know where to even begin.

From what I read every site told me  to stop buying any products that have artificial fragrance ( check the ingredients list & avoid  if it  says ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum,’  that means it’s probably an artificial fragrance) We need to  look for products that are scented with essential oils ( or make my own )  or products that says something like ‘proprietary blend of essential oils’ , these are generally safe to use.

I have decided that I’m going to start with my cleaning products and then lotions . Sounds weird but let me tell you how. I am going to make my own using oils! I have wanted to get into essential oils for a while and this seems like the perfect time.

There are TONS of recipes on google about how to make your own safe cleaning products that actually work.  So that is what I am doing!

I have ordered my oils , saved a bunch of recipes and made a list of things I need. I’m starting with an all-purpose cleaner , a glass cleaner and dish soap. Then I am moving onto  hand soap and lotions for me and Brody. Since a lot of the recipes call for the same ingredients I’ll be able to make soaps, face wash and lotions for me and Brody without buying a ton of different things.

This is not  happening over night! This is going to take me some time and I’m excited to share this whole process with you all. Once I’m all set with my above activities I will move onto to make up which is going to be an investment !

If you have a favorite homemade recipe Id love to know it! Comment below, leave me links to your fav sites , tell me your favorite essential oils . I know nothing and want to learn everything!!!


10 Fit Tips For BUSY Moms

10 Fit Tips For BUSY Moms


We all know that motherhood can be CRAZY busy, but it is so important they we remember to take care of ourselves. I hear it all the time ” I’m so busy with my kids , I don’t have time for me” Let me tell you know, you can’t live like that!

You will be a much happier mom for your whole family if you are making your health & fitness a PRIORITY. It’s not selfish for you to take time to work on you. Studies have proven that exercise and eating right helps fight depression, helps keep your energy up, helps prevent disease, I feel like I could go on forever with all the benefits!!!

So where do you start? Here are a few fit tips to help get you started plus keep you on track.

  • workout early before the day is gone. Who else has woken up around 6am then looked at the clock and it’s already 2pm and you still haven’t brushed your teeth!? Getting your workout done in the am is the way to go! Plus if you workout out later in the day its easy to keep pushing off until you finally say ” Ill do it tomorrow “
  • have a plan .  Find a program you like , do the workouts I post ( or the 100000s others posted on pinterest!) go on demand and pick your workout. If you know what you are doing it makes it easier to get it done
  • include kids or plan around them.  I workout during nap time or set up play stations that I know will entertain him long enough for me to finish. Older kids might love to join in
  • find a success partner . Grab a friend or family member to join you. Or join my virtual wellness group on Facebook – leave a comment below and I will add you!
  • meal prep . You don’t have to go crazy. I find just prepping my snacks for the week helped a ton when I was a new mom. Have food that is easy to grab makes it easier to make the right choice
  • stay motivated . Follow your favorite fitness people online to stay motivated. Hang that bikini or dress in a place you can see it everyday. Motivation can be hard to keep especially if you are not seeing the results that you want. But you need to keep moving forward !! Find some inspirational blogs/pod casts whatever it takes!!
  • if you MUST workout in a gym find one with a daycare
  • train with HEAVIER weights!  You’ll get more bang for your bucks and burn more calories – just think you lug around a  toddler or baby in a heavy seat, you can lift heavier than those 5-8 lbs weights. Compare 30 min of running to 30 min of weight training and you will be surprised at how much more you burn ( and build muscle ) with weight training .
  • stop eating your children’s food!!!!! We all do this. If you added up that “bite’ here & there it adds up quickly . And the worst part is you probably don’t even realize you are doing it
  • set short-term and long-term goals . You need goals.  Maybe you are just starting and you plan to workout 2-3 times a week ( short-term)  and then  increase a day every month till you hit 5 days a week ( long-term)  . Or you have a goal to do 20 push ups by summer and you have 4 months to get there. Setting and hitting short-term goals makes it easier to stick to those bog long-term goals that seem so far away.

I hope you enjoyed my list and it helps you get started or helps you to keep going! Id love to hear from YOU! Let me know your favorite fit tip . I am always excited to hear something new that could help us moms out!

Check  these THREE workouts you can do right from home! And make sure you follow me on insta for more motivation!


5 Months Postpartum  Update Plus 5 Fit Tips for Success

5 Months Postpartum  Update Plus 5 Fit Tips for Success

I can’t believe I had Brody FIVE months ago!! Time really is flying by. So far I am loving every minute of being a mom. I wanted to give an update about my post baby body progress.

As some of you know I started the three-week yoga retreat right after I had Brody, then I went right in 21 day fix extreme. As of May I have started Max out May with my amazing online fitFam and I have to say I am feeling AWESOME and ready for summer. All my clothes fit , yay!!

I am so glad that my core is finally starting to feel STRONG again. It took awhile for me to start to feel comfortable in my lifts ( crossfit )  but as of now they are feeling great. I started crossfit again but only at home, I haven’t made it back to my crossfit gym just yet, I still have to figure out a good schedule with the baby first. So for now I have been doing lots of different workouts on BOD and some at home WODs.

I know I am seeing and feeling these awesome results because my nutrition has been on point.  I can’t stress how important nutrition is. I started a 12 week macro counting plan and that helped a lot but I will not be continuing with counting macros, it just want for me.

I can’t wait to continue to share my post baby fit journey with you all! I hope you follow my journey on instagram , @swell_fitness, Id love to hear from you if you do!! Thank you for reading 🙂

5 Tips for success with losing the baby weight 

  1. Good nutrition is a MUST ! Find a plan and stick to it. If you need help deciding what works best for you please let me know and Id love to help. Start tracking on myfitnesspal and make sure you are eating healthy  FATS, CARBS & PROTEIN  at every meal.
  2. Meal prep. Take time one day a week and prep some meals . I love to prep my dinners and  SNACKS that easy to grab. I know us moms are busy and having food that is ready to grab makes staying healthy & fit so much easier.
  3. Drink WATER.  Make sure you are drinking enough water . Aim for a gallon a day! I know it sounds like a lot but trust me you need it ( especially if you are nursing )
  4. Exercise everyday. Start easy, small walks and maybe some yoga. Walking was my go to, I would put Brody in the stroller and off we would go! I wear a fitbit and I made it my goal to hit my steps at least 5 days a week . Once I was cleared for exercise I jumped right back in. I would workout during Brodys first nap. Sometimes I wanted to nap during that time but I made it a point to get in at least 20 min a day. Plus I was able to nap if I needed it during his afternoon nap ! I did mostly workouts from BOD that were 30 min long, even if Brody was awake I was able to finish.
  5. SLEEP. I know I just told you to workout while baby napped, but make sure you are getting enough sleep. We got very lucky and Brody got on an awesome sleep schedule at a young age. He slept one hour every morning and two in the afternoon plus he was a great sleeper at night so we were not as tired during the day. Sleep is so important to help regulate normal body functions such as digestion . Plus the less tired you are the less stressed you are which in turn is also going to help your body function better .


10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

If you follow me on social media then you might know a lot about me! But I thought it would be fun to add ten things you might NOT know about me!!


  •  I am a certified personal trainer and have a sports nutrition cert through ACE.  
  • I have four small tattoos, but I really want a sleeve!! I always said I would wait till after I got married , my mom didn’t want me to have tats in a dress. But guess what? I eloped and didn’t even wear a dress sooooo I think its time for a sleeve!
  • I have known Shane ( my husband ) my whole life! We grew up together at the beach surfing and playing kick the can. 
  • I used to be the pickiest eater you have ever met!!! Shane is the one who got me to try new things
  •  I grew up playing soccer , like all year round its all I did
  •  I  was a die-hard skateboarder, had a mini ramp in my yard at one point, knocked a tooth out with my board! I can still skate now & feel totally comfortable on a board.  
  •  I used to live off of burger king kids meals, always chicken nuggets
  •  I didn’t try red meat till about five years ago. Shane told me if I try it he would pay for a month of crossfit- so I did it! 
  •  I have always loved  ford broncos and still want one.
  • I have had three wrist surgeries and have very limited movement in my wrist.