5 Tips To Prepare For A Fitness Challenge

5 Tips To Prepare For A Fitness Challenge

5  Tips To Prepare For A Fitness Challenge

5 Tips To Prepare For A Fitness Challenge

Are you joining my FREE 21 day challenge? I hope so! Below are my 5 tips to prepare for a fitness challenge . The challenge will be run in my online MOM Facebook group. If you havent joined yet please let me know and I will add you. We are all going to support and motivate each other for 21 days and start building healthy habits together . Plus there will be fun daily tasks and give aways .  Below are some tips that I always do before starting a new challenge/ workout program that I hope you find helpful.

Find your program:
Pick out the workouts you are going to do for the next 21 days. If that’s too much then just plan a week at a time. There are endless free workouts ( on my blog ) youtube , pinterest ect. Every sunday plan the workouts you are going to do that week. If you don’t have a plan then its easy to skip your workout.

Make a shopping list/menu:
Once a week I make a weekly menu and then my shopping list. This helps me prepare my meals and snacks so I always have something to grab and it helps with mindless eating. Plus I save money while shopping because I know exactly what I need to get.

Get organized:
If you are like me and workout from home make sure your home gym is clean. Each night put your weights and matt away and get the space ready for the next workout. If you go to the gym have your gym bag packed and ready to go.

Rev up your morning:
Wake up a little earlier for some you time. Start with a big glass of water and read/watch something positive. I start my days with a miracle morning routine and it has been a life changer. If you haven’t read that book you must

Get ready the night before: 
Even if you workout from home , get your workout clothes and sneakers ready so you have no excuses

We are starting our 21 day challenge on May 6th so you still have time to join. If you want to follow along on instagram make sure you use my hashtag #swellfitnessmom so I can see your posts/check ins!