The Best Ways To Recover From Your Workouts

The Best Ways To Recover From Your Workouts

The Best Ways To Recover From Your Workouts

The Best Ways To Recover From Your Workouts

Muscle soreness is real! When I take some time off from training , the first week back is always the toughest. Stairs become impossible , lifting my arms to do my hair hurts and picking up the kids is awful!! no matter how many times i do front squats or wall balls two days later I CAN NOT walk!!! Does this happen to anyone else?   Sometimes being so sore after a workout also makes me not want to workout  again till I’m better which could be 4-5 days  . I know if I want to see results I can’t take 4-5 days off between each hard workout so I have been dedicating some time to my recovery. Below are some of the best ways to recover from your workouts .

Id love to know how you recover! Comment below you favorite ways to recover.


The Best Ways To Recover From Your Workouts


  • Do a proper warm up  & stretch after.  Warming up will help prevent injury and stretching after your workout can help with muscle soreness.
  • Foam roll & use a lacrosse ball. My foam roller is a must. I try to use it right after my workout but I also use it a day or two later when I’m feeling extra sore. I know foam rolling can be painful but it’s totally worth it! I use my lacrosse ball for tough knots in my shoulders and traps. The ball is much better then the roller at reaching those small knots.
  • Epsom salt baths. I know its tough to get a bath in if you are a busy mom like me but if you are feeling EXTRA sore and tired I highly recommend an epsom salt bath
  • Get moving! I know this sounds counter productive but sitting all day will make you more sore! Get moving , go for a little walk and  do some yoga if you can.
  • Stay hydrated + bcaas. Lots of water and branch chain amino acids can help too.  I like to drink my bcaas during and after my workouts . It might be a placebo effect but I think they totally help with DOMS!

May Monthly Round Up

May Monthly Round Up

I can’t believe it is already June 1st! This pregnancy is flying by, I have already hit the half way mark. May was a super busy month for us yet I feel like nothing major happened!


As most of you know we found out at our  17 week ultrasound that we are having a GIRL! We were kinda shocked but deep down I had a feeling! Of course I have already started a pinterest board for her bedroom! Right around the same time ( 17 weeks ) I started to feel some movement. Mostly at night when I’m trying to go to bed , she starts kicking. I haven’t weighed myself and I am not really sure how much I weighed before I got pregnant so I’m not sure how much I have gained so far! I have no new preggo issues, food aversions or cravings. So far my sleep has changed either, but I know that way is coming that I’m going to be uncomfortable at night, but for now I’ll take my 8 hours!!


Brody is a lot of fun right now ( and a lot of work) ! He is talking more and now loves to say momma . He also loves to bark like the dogs!! He is def an outside kid and I have to drag him inside when its time to go in.  He still sleeps 7-630/7ish most nights and we are very thankful for that. We love spending out days outside at the water table or on the beach.


My workouts this month have been great! It’s weird because I have been loving hiit workouts which normally are not my fav. I have also been going on  lots of walks. My nutrition has also been good this month, no food aversions. I have been looking for healthier desserts and have been loving lasso bars , graham crackers with cool whip and frozen pops for Brody. I am now looking to make over my favorite unhealthy treats a healthier way. I will share all the recipes I find.



This month I bought some new products that are safer for us. I got new sunscreens for me & Brody. I ended up going with Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50, 6oz Tube (Pack of 2) and Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, 3 Fl. Oz. (Pack of 3). I needed some new face wash but everything in the store had fragrance listed in the ingredients  ( avoiding fragrance ) so I went with the brand Simple . It doesn’t score great but it’s not too horrible so the search continues!

I have been playing around with my coffee and I’m loving  cold brew coffee that I make at home &  buttered coffee with cashew milk . I throw it all in my blender real quick so its nice and frothy.

Shane got me succulents  for mother’s day and I LOVE them! I really hope I don’t kill them. I’ll take any advice on keeping them alive!!

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Gut Health, Is Your Happy

Gut Health, Is Your Happy

You might have seen articles everywhere recently about gut health. Have you been wondering what the fuss about gut health is ? Our gut is responsible for keeping our bodies working properly . Around 70% of our immune system is in our gut! I bet you now want to keep your gut/ digestive system happy , right?!

Signs of an unhealthy gut are:

  • bloating , constipation , diarrhea
  • abdominal cramps
  • stomach just never feels “right” 
  • constant heartburn
  • skin break outs
  • sleeping problems
  • an autoimmune condition 

Ways to keep your gut happy:

Avoid processed foods. Processed foods can leave our GI tracks inflamed . Sometimes are bodies don’t recognize the $hit in processed foods as food ( gross ) and instead it thinks it’s an outside attacker.  So our body reacts and by trying to fight off these attackers ( processed foods ) and the result is an inflamed GI tract which can cause stomach pains.

Make sure you go number 2 . Being regular is so important. A healthy gut usually has a pattern ( do you go the same time everyday?? ) If you are not going regularly make sure to check your diet and eat a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruits, veggies, fiber and water.

Add in some fermented food. Have you seen kombocha at your local store? Live cultures found in fermented foods help break down food in your stomach plus help your immune system.  Kefir is another way to add healthy live cultures into your diet. Kefir if found in most grocery stores by the yogurt.

Chew your food better! Eating more slowly and chewing our foods more can help keep your gut happy.

Take a probiotic. If you hate yogurt or other foods containing live cultures it might be time to look into a probiotic

Lower your stress level. Stress has been linked to an unhappy gut. Try some meditation, yoga , diffuse some oils or talk a calming bath. Add into your daily routine  anything to help you relax and de-stress.

Add foods that are good for your gut into your diet.  Look for fiber rich foods and again foods that contain  prebiotics & probiotics.  Foods to add in are yogurts, kefir, legumes, blackberries, raspberries, kimchi & kombacha

Foods to avoid. Avoid carbonated drinks, the bubbles can lead to gas build up in your belly. Too much alcohol and caffeine  can also irritate your gut. Refined sugar, processed foods, sugar-free candies/foods with artificial flavor  and fried foods should all be avoided if you want a happy gut ( and you should want one! )

I hope you  LOVE  my posts, recipes & quick workouts . Id love to hear from you! Comment below which one you love best . Also make sure you follow me on instagram 

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