Three Home HIIT Workouts

Three Home HIIT Workouts

Three Home HIIT Workouts

Three Home HIIT Workouts

Who else loves quick HIIT workouts? Quick effective workouts are my jam, there is no need to spend hours working out to see results . Add these three home HIIT workouts to your routine to help push you past your comfort zone. These quick workouts are perfect to do while your little ones nap!

Do you have a favorite HIIT workout ?? Id Love to hear about it. Comment below so I can give it a try!

Three Home HIIT Workouts

Workout one: 

one minute each move: take 10-15 seconds between moves: repeat 3-4 times

  • curl & press
  • kbs
  • dips
  • mt climb
  • deadlift highball with kettlebell
  • high knees
  • dumbbell squat
  • jumping jax
  • alternating dumbbell lunge
  • quick skater lunges
  • sumo squat hops

Workout Two: 

15 minute HIIT ABS:

30 seconds each move : NO rest between moves.

  • plank jax
  • high knees
  • mt climbers
  • v – ups
  • bike abs
  • legs up crunch

Rest one minute repeat 5 times

Workout Three:

Tabatas: 20 seconds on: 10 seconds rest x8.  Rest no longer then 60 seconds between circuits .

circuit one:

  • frog hops
  • jumping jax

circuit two:

  • kettlebell swings
  • standing mt climbers

circuit three:

  • squat hops
  • plank up downs

circuit four:

  • figure 8 lunge
  • star jumps or tuck jumps

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At Home Dumbbell Workouts

At Home Dumbbell Workouts

At Home Dumbbell Workouts

At Home Dumbbell Workouts

Happy Sunday! Are you ready for some new at home dumbbell workouts to try this week? I hope you are ready. Lets challenge ourselves this week . Ask yourself this question before you begin , Am I using heavy enough weights to challenge myself??? If you don’t answer YES right away then its time to up your weights! Even if it’s just for one set each round. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

At Home Dumbbell Workouts


HIIT Monday:


  • Lunge- squat – lunge
  • burped with push up
  • skaters
  • star jumps
  • mt climbers

x3 ( make it longer by adding 1-2 more rounds! )

Booty Day

  • sumo squats
  • deadlift
  • lunge left then right
  • glute bridge
  • single let glute bridge left then right


Chest & Shoulders

Add weight each round . Ex: I started with 10 pound dumbbells for round one, round two used 12 and round 3 used 15

  • chest press
  • flys
  • lat pull down
  • arnold press

15x 3

one-two set of 10-15

  • y raises
  • t-plank push ups
  • max effort plank hold

Total Body Thursday

  • thruster
  • single leg deadlift hold + row , each leg
  • lat raise
  • glute bridge hold + chest press
  • dips


HIIT Bonus: