Weekly Summer Workouts

Weekly Summer Workouts

Weekly Summer Workouts

I have officially hit my third trimester! So happy that I am still keeping up with my workouts. I know I will eventually have to slow down and modify even more but for now I am feeling great and I’m going to keep going as long as I can. Below are my weekly summer workouts I did this week. I hope you get a chance to try some. Drop a comment below and let me know what one you tried!!

Weekly Summer Workouts

Monday: Legs + HIIT :

Super sets:

  • 10 back squats
  • 15 squat hop


  • 8 weighted lunges
  • 6 split box lunge hops each leg


  • 10 goblet squat
  • 8 burped box jump


  • 30 skaters
  • 15 squat hops
  • 30 mt climb
  • 15 kbs

x3 with little to no rest


Tuesday: Booty + HIIT Booty 

  • 30 walking lunges
  • 15 deadlift
  • 15 side lunge each leg
  • 15 glute bridge
  • 10 single leg squats


Then: With NO Rest!

  • squat jax
  • sump pulse squat
  • plank jax
  • jumping jax

Do 15 reps, then 12 reps, then 10 reps. If you are feeling AWESOME do 8 reps!!

Wednesday: Arms

15 reps each:

  • dumbbell press
  • standing flys
  • upright row
  • french press
  • hammer curls


Burnout round:

Do the moves from above with a resistance band. Do 2 sets of 20 to burn your muscles out!!!

Thursday: Walk with Brody or add in some cardio!


7 Prenatal Fit Tips ( 1st Trimester ) 

7 prenatal fit tips ( its trimester ) 

7 Prenatal Fit Tips ( 1st Trimester ) 

Congratulations! You just found out you’re having a baby and I’m sure  you are thinking  “ can I still workout?” First make sure to check with your doctor, ever pregnancy is different and we all want to be safe. Today I am sharing with you what workouts  I did  during my 1st trimester while pregnant with Brody and now with baby number two plus 7 prenatal fit tips ( its trimester )

My doctor told me I was free to continue what I was doing before I got pregnant just to make sure I didn’t push myself so I was out of breath.

With Brody I did lots of walking , 30 minute workouts ( 21 DF & 21 DFE) and crossfit. I modified most of the jumping because my boobs hurt to jump 🙂

Now that I am pregnant with baby number two I am doing only workouts from home & walking ( plus chasing Brody around) . I am still doing some BB workouts like 80 Day Obsession and 21 DF but I am also adding in my own circuits that I share every Sunday.

7 Prenatal Fit Tips: 

Find a sports bra and shoes that you love & are supportive

Walking counts as a workout! ( bring water with you )

Dress in layers so you don’t over heat. And make sure the room you workout   in is not too hot

Drink LOTS of water especially if you are sweating while working out

Eat enough to support your workouts, have a protein packed meal after your workout. I don’t recommend doing a fasted workout.

Stand up slowly after doing moves on the ground , you might get dizzy

Always listen to your body and modify/stop when needed

Workouts I have been doing with baby number two:

Workouts from week 12

Four workouts from week 11

Three workouts from week 9