22 Sensory Play Ideas For Toddler

Sensory Play Ideas

22 Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers 

If you follow me on instagram then you know we love sensory play! Below are 22 awesome sensory play ideas that are pretty easy to do. I get a lot of our stuff at the dollar store , there’s no need to spend tons of money! All you need for a sensory bin  is some type of bin to put your activities in, then add your choice of toys.  Comment below if you have any questions and don’t forget to let me know what your fav sensory play is! Shop our toys here ! 

22 Sensory Play Ideas


Treasure hunt

Play dough

Bean Bin

Sandbox Wild Animal Kingdom

Truck wash

Mud Pit Farm

Paint on miror

Flower water table

Dinousour Wash

Water Table with Color

Colored Rice


Water Play with water despensor

Digger Sand & water play

Soap Foam

Shredded Paper with Trucks

Frog Pond

Animal & shredded paper

Paint with Chalk

Paint without brushes


Digger Kinetic Sand

Indoor Cunstruction Site

Dinos & Diggers

Muddy Farm Bin

Bonus for littler ones:

water play!


10 Minute Abs

10 minute abs

10 Minute Abs

Did you know that abs are my least favorite muscle group to train?!  Any one else feel the same? I don’t find training abs to be fun at all . But with summer coming I know everyone has abs one their mind ( including me ) . When I do train them I make the workout quick & effective. This 10 minute ab workout can be done on its own or added to your routine . You can also do more rounds then two to make this a longer workout. Two rounds is enough for me!

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10 Minute Abs

set timer for 40 seconds on 20 seconds rest for 5 rounds.

  • reverse crunch
  • heel touches – knees bent , crunch up and reach for your heels
  • knee to opposite elbow mt climbers
  • c-sit jax – sit like you are going to mason twist- do max with your arms
  • side plank toe touch- hold side plank swing bottom leg and arm out – touch toes ( 20 seconds a side )

Rest and repeat.


Barnyard Sensory Play

Barnyard Sensory Play

Barnyard Sensory Play

Barnyard Sensory Play

This Barnyard Sensory play bin was so much fun! I set this up while Brody was out , and when he got home he was so excited to start playing. We have been loving sensory play recently and who doesn’t love a barnyard theme?!

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Barnyard Sensory play how to:

what you need

  • tray
  • green colored rice 
  • mud – cornstarch, water, coco powder
  • Tupperware or bowls for “grass” & “mud”
  • farm animals
  • a tractor 
  • towels 
  • wash bucket to clean the animals to extend play

To make the grass add some rice and green paint ( I use Brodys paint ) to a plastic bag. Shake/mix it all till the rice is covered then let it dry .

To make the mud add a cup of cornstarch and a few tsp of coco powder  to a bowl , slowly add water and mix till you get the consistency of mud. This will get hardish but still wet and thick once you stop moving it. 

Next add your grass, mud and farm animals/ tractors to your tray and let the fun begin!    

To extend the play even longer add a bin of soapy water to wash the animals . Brody played for over and hour, he had a blast! 


Baby Food Hack + Money Saver

Baby Food Hack

Baby Food Hack + Money Saver


If you are anything like me then you hate throwing away/ wasting food!  This baby food hack is a no brainer. Remi rarely finishes her baby food jars and I hated throwing it out so I decided to freeze it  and turn it into teethers for her. I mainly freeze her yogurt and fruit purees but I’m sure other purees would freeze great too.

You will need some baby food feeders ( mine came from amazon I can’t remember the brand ) and a pop mold. I have the Nuby mold, it was 8$ on amazon and I use it all the time!

All you have to do is freeze your left over yogurt & fruit in the molds . Once frozen break the frozen food off the mold and add it to the baby feeder. It’s that easy!  Remi can use theses feeders by herself ( with me watching ) so they are the perfect thing to distract her while the rest of us eat. Just be warned baby will get messy!!!! I like to use the pop molds because sometimes Brody wants one too and he eats them just like a popsicle.


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Construction Sensory Bin

sensory bin

Construction Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin

Brody is super into trucks, dirt and digging and I love a good DIY project, so this sensory bin  was a must make!  Are you not sure what a sensory bin is? They are little boxes/bins full of unique materials to help kids learn about the world around them. These boxes let kids explore all different things with their senses. Think wet, dirty, cotton, rocks, animals .. you name it!  A sensory box could be a great idea for your wild child who has trouble focusing or sitting still. Try this one out if your little one loves sand and trucks!

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Construction Sensory Bin:

Sensory Bin

What you need:

  • a box
  • play sand
  • rocks/beads
  • toy trucks
  • Tupperware for a pool
  • animals * optional

Add your sand ( we used about 25 lbs ) rocks/beads and pool. Next grab some trucks and let your little one lead the way! After a while playing we added the dinosaurs which made him play even longer!


We also made a small bin for inside that is made from beans! I added some animals , a funnel, a spoon and a little scooper. I was so surprised at how much Brody loves this one! I like to take this bin out while I’m making meals.

sensory bin

I’ d love to hear what your little ones favorite sensory box is. Drop your fav below !

Easy Taco Pie

Easy Taco Pie

Easy Taco Pie

Easy Taco Pie 

This easy taco pie recipe has become a favorite in our house! It’s very easy to make plus I love how you can tailor it to your likes. I make it with either ground chicken or ground turkey but you could also use any ground meat. You can spice this recipe up by adding a spicy salsa or some extra peppers and onions. I have been using a mild salsa because I don’t want it too spicy for Brody ( who loves this dish! ) 

Easy Taco Pie

Preheat over to 375

ingredients :

  • ground meat
  • salsa
  • frozen corn
  • corn tortillas 
  • Mexican blend cheese
  • peppers & onions *optional

Cook your meat in a sauce pan, feel free to add some spices. Once cooked add in your frozen corn and salsa ( add peppers and onions here if using ) Mix everything good. 

Next add a half a cup of your mix in to a pie pan, spread it out evenly. Then add three corn tortillas so they cover meat mix, they will over lap a bit. Add a layer of cheese ( you can skip the cheese to save on fat and just add it to your top layer ) then add another half a cup of mix. Add three more tortillas covering your meat mix. Next add the rest of your  mix. Top with cheese . Bake for 35-40 minutes. Serve with avocado & salsa! 


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Kiwi Co Box

Kiwi Co Box

Kiwi Co Box

Kiwi Co Box

This year my sister gave Brody a Kiwi Co Box subscription for Christmas and we love them! Every month a new box comes with age appropriate things for Brody to play with.  Our favorite box so far has been the one all about the colors.   When you join you pick the box that fits your kids age group and they send projects, online info for more learning, a magazine on how to help your kids learn & play and a book.

This last month our box was perfect because we have been working on the colors with Brody. The box came with a ton of different things . Brody loves the color making project , he has always loved to pour water from cup to cup and I love that he’s learning all about the colors while he’s doing it.

Kiwi Co Box


This box also came with flash cards that he loves and some colored shapes & dice. We like to set up the shapes, roll the die and jump from color to color.

Kiwi Co Box

Our previous boxes have been  farmed themed, cooking & play dough, an alphabet learning  and one with a wooden elephant and play mat .

Click here to learn more ! 


Here are a few more pictures from our other boxes.



Home HIIT Cardio

Home HIIT Cardio

Home HIIT Cardio

Home HIIT Cardio

Who else is a busy mom and needs these fast home HIIT cardio workouts? These are the types of workouts I have been doing since having Remi . I am not  a huge fan of cardio but if the cardio is quick with fast moves and no rest I don’t mind as much! I always feel amazing after HIIT workouts , how about you??

Below are three different circuits for you to try. You can do all three for one workout or separate them into three different workout days. Set your timers for 60 sec, 45 sec and 30 sec with no rest . Move through the moves without rest. Rest before repeating the circuit .

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Home HIIT Cardio



60 : 45: 30

  • jump rope
  • burpee star jump
  • high knees

rest & repeat 4-5 x


60: 45 : 30

  • in-out squat hops ( stay low )
  • mt climb
  • box jump ( no box, use your stairs )

rest & repeat 4-5x


60: 45 : 30

  • plank jax
  • squat kicks
  • jumping jax

rest & repeat 4-5x


Mess Free Toddler Snack

Mess Free Toddler Snack

Mess Free Toddler Snack / Product Review 

Mess Free Toddler Snack


Every time I give Brody one of these pouches some asks me about them, so I figured I would share a little bit about how much we love them! Brody LOVES yogurt but I got so sick of cleaning it off of everything ( because he has to walk around and eat it! ) that I stopped buying it for him. Then I remembered about my food pouches! This mess free toddler snack is more like a mom hack . My new go to snack that Brody loves is these baby brezza pouches filled with yogurt.

When I meal prep I usually fill up about 4 or 5 of these pouches and leave them in the fridge.  Brody is two years old and he’s ALWAYS hungry . Instead of filling up on pirate booty he is now opening the fridge and pulling these out! He doesn’t get yogurt everywhere any more and I love that I can fill it with the yogurt of my choice. He has also been waking up at 5 am lately saying he’s hungry and I am totally fine with giving him a pouch in his crib, he has some yogurt and usually goes back to sleep for another hour.

I also like to use these for Remi, they are perfect for when we go out to eat or are out for the day. I don’t always make my own baby food, instead before we head out for dinner I will fill a pouch with store-bought baby food from a jar for her to have if she starts getting fussy at the restaurant . Its much easier to grab a pouch and she will suck the food straight from it, so we don’t need to have a spoon either.

My Review:

First off this is not sponsored , I paid for these! I got them on amazon for 10$ and the pack comes with 10 pouches & caps plus the thingy used to fill them .

  • Price: 10$ for 10! totally worth it.
  • Size: I find them to be bigger then the store-bought food pouches and those things are expensive so you get way more when you use these.
  • Use: Super easy to fill . Sometimes depending on whats in them Brody needs help pushing the food up from the bottom but normally he has no problem eating out of them ( my four-month old sucks food out of them fine too! ) The seal part seals tight, we have never had anything leak from them.
  • Cleaning: Easy to clean, they open nice and wide so they are very easy to clean. Also they are dish washer safe !

Mess Free Toddler Snack

Do you use your own food pouches? Id love to know what you fill yours with. I will be using these pouches a lot for Remi now that she is eating foods so drop your favorite recipes below.

Easy Bagel Recipe

Easy Bagel Recipe

Easy Bagel Recipe

Easy Bagel Recipe

I love a good bagel! But who doesn’t ?? I don’t buy them very often but I will make some every once in a while and this easy bagel recipe is my go to . I’m sure you have seen it on Facebook . I love how they taste and find them easy to make .

Easy Bagel Recipe

Preheat over to 350

  • Mix 1 cup self rising flour with 1 cup THICK plain greek yogurt. I used the trader Joes kind. Make sure you drain any liquid.
  • Start mixing by hand ( it will be sticky ) then if you have one transfer to a mixer with a hook attachment ( or continue to mix by hand ) . Do NOT over mix or the dough will become sticky again. One the dough starts to come off the bowl and form a bit stop mixing.
  • Form a ball with your dough and cut into 4 equal pieces. Roll each piece out a bit and then form a circle. Hit each one with an egg wash and top with your favorite seasoning. I used the Trader Joes everything but the bagel seasoning.
  • Bake for 20 min or until they started to golden .

I save mine in an airtight container in my fridge . When ready to  eat they cut and toast just fine! Have you tried this recipe? Id love to hear how yours turned out!


Macros per bagel: with TJ yogurt

C: 25

F: 5.5

P: 5

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