Post Baby Exercise Plan

Post Baby Exercise Plan

Post Baby Exercise Plan


I get a lot of questions from expecting moms and moms with newborns about how to get into a post baby fitness routine. So I thought I would tell you how I did it after having Brody!

Start slowly . Starting a post baby exercise plan after having a baby can be overwhelming . Start by going for daily walks and stretching. You might be feeling sore from holding the baby all the time, we tend to have awkward posture while feeding/nursing , bouncing or wearing a baby. Walking is a great way to start, getting the blood flowing is going to make a huge difference. Plus getting out in some fresh air is always a good idea. And don’t forget to stretch after. Try adding in some light yoga or stretches for you back, shoulders, neck and arms. You can always go to youtube and find some yoga or stretching videos to help you!

For me I have beachbody on-demand ( BOD ) and there are TONS or stretching and yoga videos on there. I followed the 3 week yoga retreat before starting my first workout routine. If you have any questions about BOD please let me know!

When you are cleared to work out I suggest looking into some diastasis recti rehab moves you can add in. A lot of women get ab separation and you need to fix this before you start working out or you are always going to have the ” mom pouch”  Sit ups and crunches are not the way to start! If you want to read more about ab separation and how to fix it click here 

Once you are ready you MUST find a plan that works best for you. There are tons of free workouts online/pinterest/youtube/my workouts ect. If this is how you plan to start, that’s great but you need a plan! Once a week find the workouts you are going to do and write them out. Make a weekly to monthly calendar if you can and check off the days when you are done. You can start with 2-3 days a week and slowly build back up. If you need help picking out workouts to do feel free to ask me. Remember every Sunday I post 3-4 new workouts for you to try.

If you have a streaming program ( like me with BOD ) pick you plan. After the yoga retreat I jumped right into 21 day fix from BOD. This was great because it was 21 days of 30 min workouts I did during Brody’s first nap of the day. It made working out a bit easier because I had a program to follow. Again there are TONS online , even free one, so do a little research and pick your plan. I stream mine right from my tv so I used to turn it on right when I woke up . Sometimes it sat on my tv for a few hrs before I hit play but constantly seeing it reminded me to do it!

One big thing that helped me when Brody was super little was to workout during his first nap. When I woke up I put my workout clothes on and the second he fell asleep in the am I got it done. I knew I would feel energized after & it would help me get through the day.  If I skipped my morning workout thinking I would do it later , it didn’t happen! By the time the afternoon came around I was usually too tired to do it. I liked to get it done early and if I needed a nap I could do it during one of his afternoon naps. Babies sleep a lot so you will still have time to rest!

Pick workouts that are quick but effective. Doing an hour-long workout just isn’t going to work right away! 30 minutes is a perfect time frame . There were times when Brody was awake for my workouts but I could entertain him in his swing or play mat for 30 minutes .

My last tip is don’t be too hard on yourself ! If you miss a day or your workout didn’t go as planned its OKAY! Babies can be unpredictable , do everything you can to make things easier for you ( workout ready, clothes ready, bottles ready ) but know if you miss a workout life goes on and there’s always tomorrow !


Check out these workouts you can do right from home! And make sure to add in this squat challenge ASAP!




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