April Monthly Round Up

April Monthly Round Up

April Monthly Round Up


April was a busy month! We finally announced that we are having baby number TWO! I am so excited to share this pregnancy with you all! I hope you find my workouts, recipes and fit tips helpful . My April Monthly Round Up is here and I’m excited to share it with you.

Bump & Brody: 

We had a  check up at 13 weeks , we heard the  heart beat and everything was great. I can’t wait for next month when we have another ultra sound. We are going to hopefully find out the gender at that appointment.

My workouts are going so much better this month, finally ! I have learned that I HAVE to do my workout before lunch time or they won’t get done. When I wait too long  my workouts end up being terrible. I lack motivation in the afternoon, even half way through the workouts I want to stop. I have been doing 3-5 workouts a week and lots of talking now that the weather is nice.

As for my nutrition, it  is back on track and I feel so much better. The first two months were a struggle! All I wanted was carbs , bread, cereal, snacks… nothing nutritious and I was feeling terrible because of it. We bought an insta pot and that has helped a ton with meal prep and making healthy recipes . Always having something healthy to grab makes life so much easier.

Brody had his 15 month check up. I can’t believe he is only 21 lbs! Who else has a little baby ?? Lucky for Brody is loving lots of different foods and he is not too picky. Going out to dinner with him is hit or miss. We have to go right at 5 and we have about an hour before he’s over it!!

Life & Products:


This month I have started using some new hair products and curling my hair a little different. I started using deva curl and doing the scrunch method while washing and applying gel. I googled it , saw some youtube vids and got started right away. I have to saw my hair has been curling better! Not sure if it’s the deva curl that’s helping or the scrunch method

I bought a diffuser and some essential oils and I have been loving them both! I mad some DIY face scrubs , lotions and cleaners ( will share soon!) I also love using my diffuser in the morning when doing my miracle morning .


I read Miracle Morning for parents and families . I highly recommend this book and the other Miracle Morning books. I know get up before Brody and do a miracle morning S.A.V.E.R.S . Each morning I start the day with Silence/meditation then move on to Affirmations & Visualizations. I affirm my greatness and visualize my day/month.year/dream life! After that I go out-of-order and do some Reading and Scribing . I save my Exercise for later in the day. I highly recommend reading the book and doing a 30 day challenge! If you commit to doing a miracle morning please let me know!!! Id love to chat more about it with you.

I finally made some of my own safe products ! I will be sharing all the things I made next week, so make sure you check out that post. I made a safe all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, face scrub and body scrub. I can’t wait for you to try out the recipes I used . I love that I get to make my house a bit safer by ditching all those chemicals and dyes.

I bought some new re usable pouches for Brody and metal straws for us! We are trying to cut down on plastic & waste. I love these pouches for yogurt. Brody doesn’t like me spoon-feeding him so it’s always hard for me to get yogurt into him. These bags are super easy to fill and very easy to clean.

I FINALLY got new sneakers! I have been wearing the same nike shoes for over two years now . They were so worn out . It took me forever to find a pair that I love. We went to some stores so I could try them on and then I ended up buying them online for cheaper!! I am loving these metcon flyknits from nike. I picked a super girly color which is totally different from my normal black!!


Remember , I run a FREE group on Facebook full of moms who are working towards a healthy lifestyle for them and their families . I would love for YOU to be apart of our MomUnity!!!  Find me insta ,  FB or comment below and I can add to you fitfam or we can just connect and chat








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