Free Home Workouts For Women

Free Home Workouts For Women

Free Home Workouts For Women

Happy Sunday. Here are four free home workouts I did this week. Remember I share my workouts every Sunday so make sure you subscribe to my email list so you never miss any of my posts!

Question for all the pregnant ladies who are reading, how many days a week do you workout?? Id love to know , comment below or over on my  instagram

Free Home Workouts For Women:


Strength circuit: 

sumo squat 2×6

10 single leg deadlift into 8 split lunge x 3

HIIT Circuit one:

12 weighted sumo squat jumps
10 single-leg jump ups on a box
8 Squat , reverse lunge, reverse lunge


HIIT Circuit two:

jumping box squat hops
squat walk
30 toe taps



30 seconds each move with no rest between moves. Repeat a total of 5 times

  • curls
  • bent over row
  • band tri pull downs
  • press
  • cleans

Full Body Circuit:

Break these moves up however you need too

  • 200 squats
  • 150 KBS
  • 100 push ups
  • 100 box step ups
  • 4 farmers carry – I went around my barn

Legs again! 

1 1-4 squats : 3×5
15 curtsey lunge leg lift 
20 squat jax
10 deadlift
10 Banded kick backs 
10 Banded push backs 
10 weighted burpee 
20 box hop overs
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