Avoid Stretch Marks + Other Prego Hack

Avoid  Stretch Marks + Other Prego Hack

Avoid  Stretch Marks + Other Prego Hack

There is no actual evidence that  there are ways to avoid stretch marks but us pregos will try anyway !   Her are some tips that maybe could help avoid stretch marks and some advice on how to help them fade if you do end up with some . I am also sharing some other tips for some of those not so fun pregnancy symptoms like back pain, heartburn , cravings and boob size!

How to ( try to ) avoid stretch marks:

  • Itchy skin & want to avoid stretch mark? Grab some lotion. I tend to have dry skin when pregnant and go through a lot of lotion. I would lotion my belly ( and rib tattoo) 2-3 times a day when I was pregnant with Brody. I did not get stretch marks ( who knows if it was the lotion! ) If you suffer from itchy skin try adding lotions with oatmeal, avoid tight-fitting clothes and try not to take hot showers. I made my own lotion this time around, here is the recipe 
  • Guzzle that water! Staying hydrated can help keep skin elasticity . So drink that  water to help hydrate you from the inside out
  • If you do end up with some ( its okay!!) Research has shown that they can fade over time.
  • Genetics plays a role. If your mom or sisters got stretch marks there’s a chance  you could too!

Do you suffer from back pain?

  • Try to squat rather than bend at the hips when you are picking things up
  • Ditch the heels. I feel like this is a no brainer ! But then again I’m a personal trainer and am home most days not in an office setting.
  • Exercising regularly can help reduce back pain. Just make sure you are careful and you are performing the moves with proper form
  • If the pain is too much try adding a heat pad for you back ( back only, not your belly)
  • Prego pillow! Get a nice comfy pregnancy pillow to help you sleep better and to help with back pain. I loved mine when I was pregnant with Brody, I am looking for a new one now since the dogs over took mine!


Try adding apple cider vinegar to your daily routine . Add 1-2 tsp to your water . I know it sounds counter productive but people swear by it!

Craving candy or sweets?

Sweet tooth driving you crazy? Eat dried fruit. A lot of them taste just like candy . My go to right now is dried mango!

Bikini problems?

If you are like me and are still wearing bikinis throughout your pregnancy , high-five! My main issue is my tops are all way too SMALL. Instead of spending the money on tops that will never fit me again I bought three new tops from walmart. They were super cheap , I’ll wear them all summer then toss them without feeling bad that I wasted money.

Id love to here some of your pregnancy tips!! Share below what your favorite hacks are. 


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