Pregnancy Super Foods You Should Eat

Pregnancy Super Foods You Should Eat

Pregnancy Super Foods

Being pregnant defiantly makes you think a little more about the foods you eat.  I know I make sure I am eating a balanced diet full of all different foods so I can help my baby grow and develop properly . Below i have listed  some pregnancy super foods you should eat to help nourish your body & baby. If the food is new to you or you’re not sure how safe it is for you make sure to talk to your dr first!! This is just a list of foods I found to be beneficial that I ate while pregnant with Brody and am eating now with baby number two.

You can also continue to eat these foods post baby if you are nursing to help make sure you keep your supply up and are feeding baby the best way you can! I also added a lot of pineapple juice to my post baby diet. I heard it helped with milk supply and to help avoid getting clogged ducts.

Pregnancy Super Foods You Should Eat

  • bananas. helps avoid hyper tension
  • berries . vitamin C, fiber, folate and fluid.
  • pineapple . Vitamin C
  • dates.  Energy boost
  • bell peppers. Red bell peppers for vitamin C
  • sweet potatoes . Vitamin A
  • almonds – vitamin E
  • Eggs. not just egg whites! Vitamin D and choline for baby brain
  • yogurt. Calcium
  • avocado. Potassium and healthy fats
  • Quinoa . Protein
  • chia seeds. Loads of micro nutrients
  • coconut oil . Healthy fats

These are my go to pregnancy super foods that I could eat daily/ weekly without getting sick of them ! I tried adding a few of these foods to each meal throughout my day to help keep me full and fueled properly. Good nutrition is so important especially for us active pregos!!

Id love to know your go to pregnancy super foods? Comment below , Id love to hear from you

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