Second Trimester Recap

Second Trimester Recap

Second Trimester Recap

I am officially out of the second trimester and into the final stretch! Below is my second trimester recap about our summer and what we have been up too!

Pregnancy.  As of now I have had it pretty easy. I passed my glucose test, I have no clue how much weight I have gained but I’m going to say not a lot! I’m at the point where I go tot he doctor every 2 weeks for check ups. I had Brody 15 days early , if that’s the case again then id have this baby in late September!!! No new preggo symptoms or cravings . Most of my clothes do NOT fit me but all my sun dresses do so that’s what I have been wearing most. These last few weeks have ben HOT and humid but we spend most days at the beach so I haven’t been overly hot . Luckily no ankle swelling and I am still moving pretty easily!!

Workouts. Going really well despite the heat the last three weeks.  Getting 4-5 30 minute workouts  in per week plus some walks. My walks are shorter because I have to stop to pee all the time! The days we had extreme humidity I couldn’t go for walks, it was too hot! 

Nutrition. Still eating fairly clean. My diet always changes in the summer with some extra ice cream. I will splurge on the real deal but I do also love the yasso bars and feel guilt free eating those . I have been eating lots of sweet potato toast with peanut butter , bonus , Brody loves it too. I also started tracking my water intake making sure I drink over 80 ounces everyday ( prob why I have to pee all day! ) 

Life . We moved! That was a lot of fun… We moved when I was pregnant with Brody and hopefully this will be our last move!! It has been fun setting up Brodys room and getting the new babies room ready!! Just recently I have been waking up early , like 515am. I haven’t had trouble sleeping just once I’m up that’s it, no falling back to sleep! 

Brody . He is also waking up early. Normally he would sleep till about 6:45/7 but he has been getting up around 540 every day. He also just started developing some  separations anxiety from me and Shane , he throws a fit when we leave him! I just started some more  structured play and a new schedule for him. We have always followed a schedule since the day he was born but we are pretty flexible with it. The schedule helps us but it also helps Brody know what to expect. I will be sharing his new 18 month schedule that we plan to stick to for a while soon in a blog post! Brody did great at his 18 month check up. Shane had to take him because I also had an appointment. Brody weighs in at 22 pounds!! 

Summer.  Lots of beach time! Getting in as much time at the beach with Brody as we can. We try to go every afternoon after his nap. Lots of times we end up eating dinner at the beach and staying up way past his bed time!  


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