Trader Joes Haul + What Im Cooking

Trader Joes Haul + What Im Cooking

This week I went to trader Joes specifically to buy some frozen meals! We are busy in the summer and dinner time has become a little stressful . We always get home from the beach right around 530 and every one is STARVING!!! Unless I have something planned dinner gets rushed or we snack too hard and don’t eat our dinner ! So I bought some frozen meals hoping it would help out. Below I shared my Traders Joes haul + what I’m cooking with it. I hope you find it helpful. Id love to hear from you and know what your must have items are when you shop there?

Trader Joes Haul + What Im Cooking

  • Fried rice with chicken and egg. This is a go to in our house! I love their bag of fried rice , it’s a must if you shop at TJ. I always add chicken to mine and sometimes we add a fried egg or two. 
Trader Joes Haul + What Im Cooking Trader Joes Haul + What Im Cooking
  • Lemon chicken  with cauliflower stir fry. This lemon chicken is not our fav. Its way to lemony for me. I normally don’t buy it but they were all out of my favorite grilled chicken. It wasn’t that good int he stir fry . The stir fry alone was pretty good, not as good as the fried rice though!! 
  • Cauliflower power bowls. I used the frozen riced cauliflower to make some protein bowls. I added chicken, sweet potatoes , avocado and tomatoes . The frozen “rice” is super easy to make! 
  • Sweet pot toast . I have been making this almost daily! It is so good and easy to make . Try some of my fav recipes    
  •  Chicken burger ( they are frozen patties )  with  corn, avocado & tomato salad
  • Pork tacos with the frozen cauliflower rice and salsa
  • Farro bowls with avocado and a hard-boiled  egg. This was so easy to make and so filling! Definitely buying the faro again

trader joes haul


Id love to know what your favorite must have items are from trader joes?! Get the convo started below .


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