Hospital Bag Must Haves, Round Two

Hospital Bag Must Haves, Round Two

Want to know whats in my hospital bag this time around? Well nothing yet because I haven’t packed!!! But I will be doing that soon and leaving my bag in my car. I had packed my nag for Brody but since my water broke early it was in the car yet ( neither was the car seat! ) So this time around I’m thinking I should prepare a little sooner . Below are my hospital bag must haves for baby number two. I’m sure I’m forgetting something , Id love to hear what you brought! Comment below things I need that I’m missing.

Hospital Bag Must Haves, Round Two


  • clothes for me and baby. Newborn and 0-3 months. Luckily with Brody I threw in a newborn outfit last-minute because he was too small to fit into 0-3 months.
  • shower stuff. That first shower with your own things is so good!
  • pineapple juice ( Pineapples are a natural anti-inflammatory that can help with blocked ducts!   pineapple juice is also loaded with fiber and vitamin C )
  • light weight robe. I was SO hot after having Brody, the hospital felt like it was 200 degrees! A light robe is a must
  • lotion for hands and face , tooth-brush & paste ,  brush
  • phone charger for me and Shane
  • chap stick
  • wallet with ID & insurance card
  • protein bars
  • nursing bra  ( I don’t think I ever put this on last time but I’ll pack one just incase )

My list seems small but I think that is all I am bringing. Last time I brought all sorts of after birth care items but the hospital had everything I needed so I will leave those at home this time. Am I forgetting anything?? Please let me know below!

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