3 Things To Do This Week

3 Things To Do This Week

Happy February! I feel like this month is a tough one. In January everyone makes new goals, plans healthy meals for the month and is excited about working out. Then February hits….. maybe you have already missed workouts and made some bad food choices and are feeling bummed. Its okay if you slipped up, I know I have, but it’s not okay to give up!

Here are five things you can start doing this week to help give you that extra motivation you might be needing.

3 Things To Do This Week

  • Find an accountability partner or group. Did you know that I run a FREE group on Facebook full of moms. We check in daily to help motivate each other and keep on track, share recipes and cheer each other on. If you haven’t joined us now is the perfect time. Comment below or friend me on FB and I’ll get you added.
  • Wake up 10-15 minutes early. I know this is hard . I am just finally started to get up before my kids. The mornings I get up before them always lead to better days. That extra time for me in the am is just what I need to set a positive mindset for the day. Try it for a few days and I bet you will love it too.
  • Plan all your workouts and dinners for the week. Set a goal about how many workouts you will do this week, and then plan them out. Write them down so you can check it off when you finish a workout.

Рexample:  lift upper body, HIIT session, crossfit , lift legs/booty , walk

Planning out your dinners will also help keep you on track ( and help save you money ) I like to sit down on Sunday and roughly plan my dinners and make my shopping list. This way I know what we are having and what to buy at the store. A little meal prep goes a long way


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