10 Minute Abs

10 Minute Abs

Did you know that abs are my least favorite muscle group to train?!  Any one else feel the same? I don’t find training abs to be fun at all . But with summer coming I know everyone has abs one their mind ( including me ) . When I do train them I make the workout quick & effective. This 10 minute ab workout can be done on its own or added to your routine . You can also do more rounds then two to make this a longer workout. Two rounds is enough for me!

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10 Minute Abs

set timer for 40 seconds on 20 seconds rest for 5 rounds.

  • reverse crunch
  • heel touches – knees bent , crunch up and reach for your heels
  • knee to opposite elbow mt climbers
  • c-sit jax – sit like you are going to mason twist- do max with your arms
  • side plank toe touch- hold side plank swing bottom leg and arm out – touch toes ( 20 seconds a side )

Rest and repeat.


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