Before Baby Freezer Meals

Before Baby Freezer Meals

Before Baby Freezer Meals

Before Baby Freezer Meals

When I was pregnant with Brody I had big plans to make some freezer meals for after but I never got around to it! Now that I have my insta pot meal prep is so EASY that I had no excuses this time around. Below are the meals & recipes  that I have made , most are pretty healthy and will serve me, my husband and Brody.

I have been making double batches of the meals below, one for us to eat now and one to freeze so I feel like I am a meal prep queen!

Before Baby Freezer Meals & Recipes 

I made this in my insta pot. I followed the directions for the meat balls but made some changes for the rest. I plan to reheat on the stove tope so I will be adding 2 cups chicken broth, zucchini, carrots and pasta  on the day we eat this!  Everything else got frozen.

There are tons of recipes out there for pie. Mine is my mother in laws recipe . I made the pie but did not bake it. I will bake from frozen the day we eat it.

these are mainly for Brody but will be great if we are in a pinch or to add to a meal/salad for lunch

I did a double batch of this because we love taco soup!! On the day we eat this  I will add avocado and some more cheese .

More pre baby tips :

I also frozen some plain shredded chicken , I plan to make buffalo chicken zucchini boats with it but it can be used for other recipes .

Everytime I make kodiak pancakes I make a double batch and freeze them for post baby. Just heat up from frozen in the microwave. These will be perfect for me or Brody for a quick breakfast.

Id love to know your favorite make ahead & freeze recipes! Share some below .

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Second Baby To Do List

Second Baby To Do List

Second Baby To Do List

Second Baby To Do List


Now that I’m 32 weeks pregnant and Brody came early I should probably get stuff ready! Before Brody I had plans to make some freezer meals but I never got around to it. Making some meals is definitely on my to do list this time around. Id love hear from you, what I am forgetting?! Comment below with some ideas for me, I appreciate it.

Second Baby To Do List: 

  • finish her room. I still need to paint
  • wash things that have been stored. Clothes, blankets, swing cover ect
  • get size one diapers. Its been awhile since I bought small diapers!
  • clean carseat + install base ( we didn’t have it in the car with Brody because he came early! )
  • set up a plan for Brody while we are gone. I am hoping someone will come stay at our house with Brody & the dogs
  • freezer meals
  • pack a bag for me and Shane
  • set up crib ( after I paint )  and pack and play. We used the pack and play a lot with Brody, it has a seat and a changing table on top.
  • make sure I have enough dog food
  • supplies for the house. I want to make sure I have enough coffee, dish soap, tooth paste , shampoo paper towels ect. I know those things are easy to buy on amazon but its nice to have a stock pile. Plus people will be stopping by and it’s always nice to have extra coffee to offer
  • baby proof for when I am nursing. I need to make sure Brody can’t get into anything while I feed the new baby.
  • pick up some of my favorite red wine

Things I have done already

  • stroller set up. I have the uppa baby vista and I already have a rumble seat that come with one set of attachments. I just need to get a second set which isn’t totally necessary but does add extra room.

Ha! I haven’t done a lot ! Id love to know how you prepared for baby. Comment below and get the convo started.

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