Four Workouts I Did This Week

Four  Workouts I Did This Week

Happy Easter! Here are the four workouts I did this week! I hope you get to try them. Let me know when you do. All the workouts can be done right from home and the last HIIT workout can be done with no equipment .  I shared some clips and pix of the moves to help you incase you don’t know some of the moves. But remember you can always google a move if you’re not sure what it is!

Booty Day

do all the moves for 15 reps then repeat all moves at 10 reps. Add weights when you can. Heres a clip of a few of the moves! 

  • squat hop side to side
  • half surrender – I added a band & dumbbell
  • glute bridge with dumbbells
  • split jump lunge – right then left
  • single leg hip hinge ( deadlift ) with a band- right then left
  • reverse lunge
  • narrow squats with dumbbells
  • side lunge + curtsey lunge – right then left

Upper Body Circuit

  • 3×10 chest press + close grip press
  • 3×10 plyo pushup + 8 single arm to double arm flys
  • french press drop set – pick a heavy weight and do as many reps as you can- then lower the weight and repeat – keep lowering and adding reps 3-4x
  • 3×10 single arm press + single arm front raise

Leg Day

this took me less than 30 minutes. I added weight to all the moves

  • side to side squat
  • band kicks
  • squat hops

2 sets of 10 ( 2×10 ) I added a band to all thee moves

  • side lunge
  •  lunge jump single leg


  • split lunge jump
  • goblet squat
  • squat cross leg jumps


Bonus: repeat all the moves one time through with no rest, 10 reps each.


Quick HIIT Today Body

Set your timer for 45 seconds on 5 seconds rest for 6 rounds. Rest & repeat . For round three I had to set the timer for 10 seconds rest!

  • starter lunge hop left
  • kettlebell swings or high knees
  • starter lunge hop right
  • burpees
  • soccer taps
  • squat hops

Click here for a quick demo of all the moves! 



Three New Nap Time Workouts

Three New Nap Time Workouts

Happy Sunday . Here are THREE new workouts you can try this week! Remember I will be posting three new workouts everyday Sunday so you will always have some fresh workouts for the week! If you have any specific areas you would like me to target comment below!!

Remember if you are not sure what a move is,  GOOGLE it!!!! You will find the correct form! I hope to someday have videos to show you but that’s going to be a lot more work!!! 🙂

Full body with weights

Do each little three move circuit three times before moving on.

  • 60 sec of cardio – jump rump, high knees , mt climbers, jumping jax
  • 10 thrusters- squat then press weight overhead
  • 10 push ups


  • 60 sec of cardio – jump rump, high knees , mt climbers, jumping jax
  • 20 walking dumbbell lunge
  • 15 DB curls


  • 60 sec of cardio – jump rump, high knees , mt climbers, jumping jax
  • 10 sumo squat hop – feet wider then hip width
  • 10 plank dumbbell row


  • Bonus Burner:  100 bike abs ( slow! ) + 100 mason twist

Full body- nothing needed

For this workout you will do the move listed for the amount of reps, rest and repeat each move when noted before moving on to the next move

  • Dips 3 x15 ( 3 sets for 15 reps each )
  • burpees 1×15
  • leg lowers 3×15
  • squat hops 1x 25
  • glute bridge 3×15
  • mt climbers 1×50
  • plank leg lifts 2×20
  • wall sit hold 1x 60 sec

HIIT Abs & Shoulders 

set your timer for 50 seconds with little to no rest ( 5 seconds ) in between each move. Rest when you complete all the moves and then repeat 2-3 x

Timer: 50 seconds on – 5 seconds rest for 7 rounds ( there are 7 different moves) Advanced try setting your timer for 14 rounds and go through it twice without resting!

  • high knees
  • plank in outs – plank hold then jump feet in towards hands then back out to a plank
  • kettlebell or dumbbell swings
  • v- up abs
  • high knees
  • mt climbers
  • broad jumps



Check  these THREE workouts  from last week you can do right from home! And make sure you follow me on insta for more motivation!