Diastasis Recti, A Plan To Help You Close The Gap

Diastasis Recti, A Plan To Help You Close The Gap

You have probably heard about the “mom Pooch” but you might not actually know what it is. It could be ab separation , and the good news is there is a way to fix it!

Diastasis recti  happens during pregnancy when the two large ab muscles separate due to your growing uterus. In some cases your  ab muscles go back to normal once you give birth but in  a lot of women  they do not.  Diastasis recti is very common and often called the mom pooch. If you do have an ab separation ( even if your kids are older ) you can do some moves at home that can help close the gap.

Remember always check with your doctor first before adding in any of the moves from below. Also a Dr can help determine the size of your gap.

I hear from moms all the time that they can not get rid of their belly. Diet and traditional exercise will not help fix DR. You can be spot on with your nutrition and still not see the results you want if you are suffering from DR.

Check for Diastasis Recti: 

First you need to check to see if you have DR.  To do so:

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and the soles of your feet close to your butt.
  • Place your  hand on your abdomen with your fingertips flat at your belly button, fingers facing downward.
  • Gently push your fingertips into your abdomen while rolling your shoulders off of the floor, keeping eyes looking up
  • Here is where you will feel for a separation between  your ab muscles. A  2-2.5 finger gap or more signals diastasis recti.

Close the Gap

Start by doing the  five moves  listed below 5-10 reps per move every day for a week.  Each week add 5-10 more reps in . You want to take deep breathes in and out and really focus on the muscles you are contracting . Try these moves for a month or two and then re-test your ab gab. Avoid sit ups, v ups and planks for now.

Abdominal Drawing In

Draw ins NOT suck ins. This move will safely start to engage and strengthen your ab muscles.  Drawing in is not the same as sucking in, instead its   done by using your  inner ab muscles to pull your abdomen  toward your spine. Think about using your  lower  abs for this move.  This move  is something you can do as you walk around your house, as you sit & stand, when you pick up the baby ect or you can do it lying down .

Belly Breathing

Lying flat on your back.  Deeply inhale, your belly & chest should  inflate. Next you will  slowly exhale all the air out, drawing in your abdominal wall & hold that draw in for as long as you can ( image that you are wearing a corset)  You can also do this move standing up tall. You will  inhale deeply just like if you are on the ground and  exhale, drawing your belly button in and up toward your spine( again image you are wearing a corset )  and hold that draw in for as long as you can

Abduction  Ab Activation

Grab a resistance band and loop it right above your knees.  Lying on your back exhale, draw in and engage   your pelvic floor muscles while you pull your knees apart. Rest & repeat.

Draw in  Rotations

With  a broomstick or small pvc pipe behind your neck on your shoulders, perform the belly breathing from above, when all  your air is exhaled and you are holding your breath and drawing in, slowly rotate from side to side for as long as you can .

 Heel Sliders

Lie flat on your back  with your knees bent ,  feet flat on the floor. Exhale as you engage your core  and slowly slide one heel  along the ground until your leg is straight. Inhale,  engage your core then exhale as you bring your heel back to the start position.

There are a TON of videos on youtube to help learn how to breath correctly I highly recommend watching a couple.

Id love to hear from you! Do you have a gap? Or did you get one after having kids? I love to know if these exercises worked for you. I plan on adding them in this fall after having this baby!

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Three Intense Home Workouts

Three Intense Home Workouts


This week I did some of Laurens workouts , but I did change a few to fit my needs since I am pregnant!  My workouts ( or hers) are perfect if you are ready to step up your game!



5 minutes of jump rope . Set a time for 30/30. So you will jump rope for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds for a total of 5 minutes.

1 set 

20 goblet squat

2 sets – repeat these two moves twice before moving on

10 squat hop

15 ohs

2 sets

20 squat hops

15 oh lunges

2 sets

15 squat hops

20 stiff leg deadlift

1 set 

10 squat hops

That whole circuit is ONE round! Repeat if you can . I did it 2 times


10 minutes . Set timer for 30/30. Do 30 seconds of kbs-rest 30 sec then 30 sec mt climb, 30 sec rest. Repeat for 10 minutes.


mt climbers


8 minutes . Set timer for 30/30. Do 30 seconds of step ups-rest 30 sec then 30 sec jump rope, 30 sec rest. Repeat for 8 minutes.

step ups

high knee jump rope


10 minutes . Set timer for 30/30. Do 30 seconds of ropes or burpees-rest 30 sec then 30 sec ball slams or high knees, 30 sec rest. Repeat for 10 minutes.

ropes or burpees

ball slam or high knees


20 chest press

10 pull overs


one set of 15 high pulls

20 in out curls

10 kickbacks


one set of 15 kbs

20 press

10 side raise


one set of 15 pull ups or push ups

5 minutes: 30/30


That whole circuit is ONE round! Repeat if you can . I did it 2 times

I hope you  LOVE  my recipes & quick workouts . Id love to hear from you! Comment below which one you love best . Also make sure you follow me on instagram   

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